Your Cheat Sheet to Designing a Promotional Branded Shirt


Your Cheat Sheet to Designing a Promotional Branded Shirt

Promoting your business can be done in a variety of ways. You can go for something as expensive as a billboard or a TV commercial. You can come up with a stunt that will get everyone to talk about. You can even write an online film. But there is one promotional item that is not as expensive as the ones mentioned but still has efficacy and effectiveness that will drive sales and customer inquiries: your t-shirts. Giving away promotional t-shirts can be the primary marketing execution or a component of a bigger campaign. Regardless, it is a timeless tactic, as it is a functional item. Those who receive it will surely use it—as a household shirt or a fashion item.

One benefit of giving away a shirt is like having a walking billboard. Those who wear it will be able to advertise your brand wherever you go. However, remember that everyone does give away promotional t-shirts. You have to stand out. Think of the shirt as a blank canvas where you can put on your masterpiece—your brand’s aesthetics. If you are looking for some easy and quirky ways to design your promotional shirt, you are reading the right guide. Here are some of the tips worth taking note of:

The Design and Concept

Among the first thing that you will need to do is to brainstorm the design of the shirt. There should be a concept behind it; this is much easier if you are already running a marketing campaign that has a definite look and vibe. Otherwise, focus on picking the best design. You can go for visuals-based designs, which may use graphics and vectors. If you are rooting for something minimalist, a typeface-based design can work. Just pick a memorable typeface. Or if your brand’s typeface is sleek and iconic, by all means, use it. You may hire an illustrator or an art director who can come up with a design based on your target market’s taste.

The T-Shirt

The t-shirt is your canvas. With that, you must make sure that you should pick the best one in terms of quality. This should not be difficult, as many suppliers sell high-quality shirts in bulk at friendly prices. And because the shirt is where the design will be laid out, you must pick the right color—avoid using your competitor’s hues.

The Printing Process

T-shrit printing

There are many printing processes to choose from. For classic aesthetics and feel, silk-screen printing is the one to go for. Direct-to-garment printing also makes a good choice if you want to focus on details. It would be better if you ask your supplier of swag in Utah about such printing options.

Designing a t-shirt for promotional purposes is often taken for granted. But as a marketer looking to make your brand known, you should remember not to take this one lightly. Invest your creative energies in it. Think like you are about to build a billboard. Design wisely.

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