Why We Need Tree Houses for the Kids of Today


Why We Need Tree Houses for the Kids of Today

Back in the day, a tree house was on top of a kid’s ultimate wish list. We would cajole our parents into building a tree house on that old oak tree in the backyard because it would be cool and we wanted our own space. When our parents finally caved in, we’d invite our friends to boast of our small tree house. Today, kids are glued to their smartphones. They rarely go outdoors to play, and they do not know the concept of playing in a tree house.

If you have a big, beautiful tree in your backyard, you can call a tree surgeon in Guildford, Surrey. First, you have to make sure that it’s safe to build a tree house on the tree. When the tree expert gives you the go-ahead sign that the tree’s branches can still hold up a tree house and its possible occupants, you can begin working on it.

Your kids will love it; don’t worry about it. They may be glued to their smartphones for now. But when they see the tree house and its quaint personality, they’ll surely be intrigued and climb on it anyway.

Allows Your Kids to Connect with Nature

There’s a reason even medical experts suggest that people surround themselves with nature and greenery. Being surrounded by nature has an immediate positive effect on people. Even sitting under a tree or walking in the park can reduce the instances of anxiety and depression and lower stress levels.

There’s even a therapy associated with nature called ecotherapy. The goal of such therapy is to reduce the chances of developing mental disorders. Exposure to natural light will also help alleviate certain disorders. You can make the tree house a device-free zone so that you can harness the benefits of being surrounded by nature.

Increases Outdoor Activities for Your Kids

When there’s a tree house in the backyard, your kids will want to play outdoors more. Instead of being cooped up in their rooms and playing with game consoles, they’ll be interested to look for outdoor activities that they can enjoy with their friends. What kid would not want to climb up a tree house? The simple act of climbing the tree house — no matter what kind of access it has — will develop their muscles and improve their overall health. They’ll be more energetic because of the adrenaline rush that you won’t have to deal with an overly lazy kid anymore.

Learns to Work as a Team

Allow your kids to work with you in building the tree house. Ask for their opinions and let them collaborate on how the tree house should look like and how big it should be. You’ll find that your kids will get along well when there’s a common goal: to make the tree house a space for themselves. They’ll learn how to coordinate and work as a team.

Develops Problem-solving Skills

small tree house with playground

With a tree house, kids would have to face the “problem” of how to climb it up and down. You can use a narrow ladder, a fireman’s pole, or a hanging rope as access. It will give them a sense of adventure that they will not know anywhere else at this stage in their lives. They are not only going to develop their problem-solving skills but also raise the power of their imagination.

Make the most out of your tree house by spending time with your kids there, too — just make sure that it can also hold adults. If you are not too skilled with wood and a saw, you can ask a contractor to build a tree house for your kids. The investment will be well worth it. Think of it as investing in your kids’ overall health.

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