What Makes the Hans Olsen Table a Uniquely Danish Furniture


What Makes the Hans Olsen Table a Uniquely Danish Furniture

yellow couch and round tableScandinavian furniture is now popular all over the world because of commercial furniture store franchise, IKEA. The design itself is iconic, with clean lines, and is beautiful in a minimalist manner. The Scandinavian tradition took root during the mid-twentieth century. One school of design in Denmark has led to a furniture style demand some fifty years after the original furniture were manufactured. A table in the design and specifications of Hans Olsen is considered a classic piece for any home or even art gallery. The table itself is representative of the trends and style of the times. However, what makes it unique is the design’s emphasis on saving space.

Getting to Know Hans Olsen

Hans Olsen was a Danish furniture designer who was born in 1919 and was most prolific during the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the hallmarks of his design include the use of laminated wood, curves, and innovative use of space. His most famous works include the Bikini Chair, the Fried Egg Chair, Shell Chair and others. Olsen was able to resize his designs to include smaller tables with the same chairs as those on the original. Wood is the material of choice during the era. His designs made use of wood even as most other manufacturers were starting to use plastic.

Hans Olsen’s designs were iconic, with distinctive elements which came to be associated with both Olsen, and Danish furniture design in general. Rounded legs, with a curved seat and back in unexpected cuts are small touches which are attributed to Olsen. The designs are dynamic and there is a feeling that the furniture is moving or about to move. There is also an element of whimsy, especially with the flared legs of the Bikini Lounge Chairs. The designs are also paradoxical in some ways. The tables and chairs have thin legs, as well as thin backs. There is a certain aesthetics when the chairs are pushed in under the table, and the chair backs are flush with the table. It looks like the chairs are part of the table. The Bikini chairs, on the other hand, look like they have heavy legs flat on the floor, with the back rest shaped like arms ready to receive an occupant.

Definitely One of a Kind

wooden furnituresThe Danish furniture are not pre-fabricated and sold in furniture franchises all over the world. For one, these are designed to be assembled at a factory. These are not for assembly by the buyers. Another difference is that the designs could not be put in a flat box, even when disassembled. The nature of the design makes for bulky pieces. After more than 50 years, the longevity of these home furnishings shows their craftsmanship. It also demonstrates the quality of the products, from tables and chairs, sofas and lounges. Classic Danish furniture have stood the test of time, and it is expected that these would live on for a long time.

Modern day Danish furniture are not instant classics. These are designed to last, as well as having designs which are relevant to modern times. The concepts of mid-twentieth century designs have outlived their makers and created a name of their own. These are not just beautiful works of contemporary functional art, but also examples of the durability of Danish craftsmanship.

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