Wedding Reception Games for Guests of All Ages


Wedding Reception Games for Guests of All Ages

Wedding reception programs are usually filled with traditional elements such as dances, cake-cutting, wine-drinking, and so on. While some see them as necessary, not everyone finds them entertaining at all. In other words, your guests can be bored with those, primarily if they’ve already attended tons of weddings before yours that had the same thing.

If you want to keep entertainment levels high throughout your wedding party, fill your program with games that even kids will enjoy. After all, your bearers and flower girls did an excellent job at the ceremony, so prepare some games for them as a reward!

Reception halls in Salt Lake City, for example, have both indoor and outdoor facilities so that you can have either type of games at your wedding party. Ditch the popular games for single ladies and gents, and let this list help you rack your brains for something more fun and exciting!

1. Giant Jenga

If a regular Jenga already drives you and your friends nuts, imagine what more can a giant version do! An oversized Jenga set will surely capture attention, and players and watchers alike will be at the edge of their seats as somebody takes a turn.

2. High Striker

Make your indoor venue feel like an arcade or carnival with a high striker station. Watch your guests unleash their competitive sides as they grab the mallet and strike hard!

3. I Spy

A game of I Spy or Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt will keep guests participating actively. Distribute lists to each of your guests containing all the moments they need to capture. Make sure to have pleasing prizes for the winners!

4. Art Stations

If there will be a lot of children in your guest list, consider placing a nook specifically for them where they can keep themselves busy over crayons and other art materials. Have it built like a tent or a fortress, which will excite the kids. Have cushions, coloring materials, activity kits, and toys available inside to keep them entertained.

5.  Mad Libs

Tweak wedding mad libs that are downloadable on the web for free, and leave them on each table to promote active and fun interactions. You can spread the fun by having the emcee read the funniest answers aloud, and keep the rest of the responses for you and your spouse to read and laugh over after the reception.

6. Outdoor Bowling

Get everyone moving by having an outdoor bowling set. Both kids and adults would be thrilled for a unique bowling experience!

7. Life-size Board Games

A giant board game is another way to keep everyone on their feet. Complete with giant dice, the setup will be picture-perfect and more to fun to play than a normal-sized version.

8. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

This might be a kiddie game, but it wouldn’t be surprising if your adult guests end up loving it, too.

9. Piñata

Let both kids and adults take part in a piñata game. Of course, the newlyweds should take a swing, too. Think of wedding-related objects to act as your piñata, like a wedding cake, a heart, or anything that symbolizes love.

10. Lego

Allow the kids to let their creative juices flow by giving them some lego pieces to play with. Ask them to build the prettiest houses they can, then judge their works one by one. Motivate them with an exciting price to be handed to the winner to encourage friendly competition and to see them unleash their talents.

There will never be a dull moment at your wedding reception with these fun-filled games. Perhaps you can even encourage your soon-to-married friends to adopt the same gimmick to their weddings! That way, you’ll never attend a bland wedding reception ever again.

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