Ways to Throw a Fun Yet Intimate Small Wedding


Ways to Throw a Fun Yet Intimate Small Wedding

Are you and your partner ready to exchange your “I dos?” Then now is the perfect time to start planning your wedding. But before you start writing your to-do list, you might want to consider throwing a small wedding instead.

While big traditional weddings are indeed fun and memorable, smaller, intimate weddings are becoming a big hit these days. You can best enjoy your wedding day even if you don’t have more than a hundred guests, an expensive venue, and a huge party. You can enjoy your big day without having to spend a ton of cash. You won’t also regret only having your closest loved ones join you in the celebration.

Here’s how you can make an intimate but swoon-worthy wedding:

Find a unique wedding venue

Garden wedding

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a nice venue to host the event. You have lots of choices if you are willing to ditch the traditional church wedding. If you and your fiancé love the beach, you can find a resort as your wedding venue. But if you want a more personal wedding venue, consider a pub and restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. You get to rent the place for the whole day, allowing you exclusive use of the premises, from the courtyard garden down to the pub.

Invest in personal invitations

An intimate wedding involves you crafting a guest list filled with your closest buddies and family members. But even though printed wedding invitations are always a nice way to invite your loved ones, why not do it the more personal way? You can choose to call your guests and invite them to your wedding one by one. This will make them feel extra special as you have taken the time to call them yourself. You can then send them the details after to make sure that they won’t forget your big day.

Splurge on the wedding elements that truly matter

Tight budget or not, your budget should revolve on the key elements of the wedding. These include the venue, food, entertainment, and photographer or videographer. These are the beauty that intimate weddings have to offer. You and your loved ones get to enjoy good food in a nice venue where everyone can enjoy. You’ll find that such a wedding is easier on your budget. Also, your memories on a special day are not hard to capture because of the small number of guests.

Say yes to an open mic night

Traditional speeches are so overrated. So why not ditch this and allow everyone who wants to make a speech free access to the floor? Make the wedding toast an open mic night, and you’re sure to find yourself laughing and crying at the same time. If your guest list is full of people you hold dear to your heart, then you wouldn’t mind them spilling funny secrets you’ve been hiding, as well as uncensored jokes that can crack everyone up.

Intimate weddings offer many advantages. You can get creative, save money, splurge only on the things that matter, and feel more at ease, knowing that your guests are the people closest to your heart. You can make a swoon-worthy wedding a reality despite the shorter timeline. Lower your stress levels by choosing a more intimate wedding.

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