Visiting the Dentist for the First Time: What Kids Should Expect


Visiting the Dentist for the First Time: What Kids Should Expect

Is your child afraid to go to the dentist? Some are just too scared because they usually associate dentists with painful teeth extractions. Dentists don’t just extract teeth when they want to; the only time they would need to do it is when your teeth can no longer be saved.

Help your child understand that the dentist is there to take good care of them and their oral health. They are like the best friend of their teeth. Give them a heads up on what they will see and do inside the clinic. You can tell them that they would just normally sit in a reclining chair and there will be a bright bulb above their head. High-quality medical and surgical lighting products are usually installed to help the dentist perform procedures and examinations efficiently.

Comfort Them

It is important that you comfort them so they will be emotionally ready for their dental visit. It will make them feel that it is not something they need to worry about. You can hug and kiss them if it will make them feel better. You may also use calming activities that they are used to. Some kids may relax from dancing and singing and you can try to play their favorite song while on the car to the dentist.

Create a Story


Talking to them is also a way to comfort them. This is a stage where kids are also very imaginative, so it will help if you can create an interesting story for them by associating some things found in the dental office with some cartoons or anything they like. You can say that the dentist is like a robotic warrior that gets the bad guys out of their mouth or that the dentist has a magic wand that checks your teeth for any holes. It is best to make some comparisons instead of telling them a fantasy world that is too unrealistic. They might end up believing a lie, which is something you do not want.

Reward Them

The idea of getting a reward will make them look forward to the dental procedure or examination. Some dental offices give treats such as candies or ice cream. You can also try bringing them to their favorite restaurant or park so that they can play. Make sure you are also aware of the things that your kids can’t eat or do. Asking your family dentist is not a bad idea because you don’t want them to get infections or much more pain because of your negligence.

Make it a Habit

The dentist will normally inform you about the next visit, but you can also ask for a regular schedule so that your kids can get used to being there. If you also have other family members, you can tag your kids along just so they get the vibe. This can also test how they would respond or react while at the clinic or upon seeing the dentist. Tell them to greet the dentist and say “Hi”. Having an interaction with the dentist will also make your kids more comfortable. Once it becomes a routine, you will no longer worry about bringing them back to the clinic.

Train your kids to practice good oral hygiene as early as possible so that they won’t feel pain, which can be caused by tooth decay or cavities. If your child still has a fear of going to the dentist, you may get professional help. Following these tips is also a good start.

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