Unique Garden Types Every Homeowner Should Know About


Unique Garden Types Every Homeowner Should Know About

Gardens are an essential part of any home. Not only does a garden make your property look and feel empty, but it can also improve your home’s aesthetic appeal as well as give you a place to relax and unwind. You can always opt for a traditional lawn, flower bed, potted plants and shrubbery setup that you can see in most suburban homes, why not try something more unique?

So let’s take a look at the less common garden types you can choose from to make your home stand out from the rest, boost your property’s curb appeal, and increase its market value:

Woodland Gardens

Woodlands gardens try to emulate the feeling of being in the wilderness, specifically a forest. As such, woodland gardens contain shrubs and plants that are typically seen in forests, which may include trees. These gardens require a considerable amount of space and planning, but when done properly, woodland gardens can provide your property shade and a mini-forest ecosystem in your back or front yard where you can relax, unwind, and be one with nature.

Rock Garden

Rock gardens are meant to look like they’re a part of a hillside or slope. They do provide a natural and almost adventurous appeal to your front or backyard, but they might require some heavy lifting, labor, and equipment as you’ll need large landscaping rocks if you wish to emulate the look and feel the Rocky Mountains of Utah or a section of the Grand Canyon. Although you can still use smaller or medium-sized rocks, it won’t provide the same “out in the mountains or hillside” feel that most professionally-designed rock gardens do. Rock gardens are usually adorned with sun-tolerant, desert-native, or mountain-native plants.

Water Garden

tulips being watered

Water gardens are one of the oldest types of gardens, tracing back to ancient Egypt when they cultivated water lilies. Water gardens are still quite popular in Japan, and most of the designs you’d see for water gardens are Japanese-inspired. Water gardens require one to have a pond or pools filled with water lilies, cattails, and other aquatic plants. A variant of water gardens is “bog gardens” which house moisture-loving plants that are often seen in bogs and swamps.

Edible Gardens

If you wish to be a bit more practical but still be able to stand out from the rest of the properties in your neighborhood, consider having an edible garden. Edible gardens feature, as the name suggests, edible plants such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers. An edible garden can provide you with food and a somewhat countryside appeal to your home. Not only that, you and your family or friends can make it a social or bonding activity when cultivating or harvesting your fruits and/or vegetables.


There is no shortage of options to choose from when deciding on your how your garden would look like. There are other types of gardens apart from the ones mentioned here, which means that there’s a garden type that can fit any person’s taste or suit a house or property’s aesthetic. There also isn’t a shortage of gardens, hardware stores, and gardening supply shops to limit you from choosing the type that you want.

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