Understanding the features of dental implants


Understanding the features of dental implants

Many patients have heard the term thrown around but don’t exactly know when is the best time to get their dental implants in Melbourne. It can be a topic of discussion they often put off  perhaps because they feel they can make do with their remaining teeth or ill-fitting dentures and they do not know enough about the procedure to invest time to discuss their options with a dentist.

Tooth loss is not uncommon and there are many options available for individuals now whereby they are able to continue life as normal regardless of the amount of teeth they have.

A qualified dentist will provide the information to a patient to allow them to make a decision that is best suited to their personal needs. There are in most instances, many options that a patient can consider and they simply need to weigh up their unique positive and negative scenarios so that the right decision can be made for them.

With knowledge come the ability to make an informed decision that will result in patient and dentist pleased with the outcome of any procedure that takes place.

Should a patient remove their decaying teeth in order to have this procedure done?

Again, it is important to mention that each individual has a unique case and that they need to consult their dentist for an examination so that the right options can be presented to them.

In any case, a dentist will advise a patient if any decay in a tooth is far too advanced to save the tooth in question, and having the implant procedure immediately after extraction is an ideal scenario for a few reasons.

The jawbone has not had time to deteriorate over time if a tooth has not been removed for a while, nor has the socket had time to heal over. This allows for a quicker application of the screw and a faster healing time as the body is more responsive and is already in a state of healing.

However, gums can be negatively affected during the extraction procedure making it unwise to further aggravate the area by having back to back treatments. To wait a couple of months is advisable to give the gums a chance to settle down.

What if a patient has missing teeth already

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Even though it is advised for patients who are looking to remove unhealthy teeth to consider having an implant procedure done as quickly as possible, that does not mean that patients who have had missing teeth for a long period of time are not encouraged to look into this option.

In fact, if the gums and jawbone are in a healthy state, there is absolutely no reason why this treatment is not the ideal choice in many instances.

Only when the jawbone has receded does there need to be further considerations to be discussed and these patients are not without hope.

There is the potential of bone grafts and sinus lifts which add bone to the jaw in order for the procedure to commence without issue.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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