Types of Corporate Events You Should Livestream


Types of Corporate Events You Should Livestream

Most business operations nowadays happen online. Marketing is the main one among these. There are different marketing options, but livestream videos are among the most effective. Different platforms exist for livestream videos, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and Periscope. Most people assume that these live streaming platforms suffice for only social and personal videos.

A third of online activities are currently focused on videos, and 80% of the global consumer bandwidth comes from videos. It is thus vital to include livestreaming in your corporate video production package from a Manchester-based company. You can livestream different videos, but those of your corporate events will attract some of the highest returns. Here are some of the corporate events that you can livestream:


These are organized and attended by businesses of all sizes and kinds. You can livestream the keynote events in the conference or provide talk-show-style commentaries of the events. Some business owners think that livestreaming your conferences or conventions will decrease the events’ in-person attendance. Based on statistics, however, 70% of people would only buy the ticket to a conference once they have had a sneak peek of what is going on in a similar event or on day one of the event. Moreover, about 30% of clients would attend an event in the future when given a livestream of the same event in the past.

Product Launches

It might be impossible to invite your entire target market for a product’s launch or even to accommodate them. The ideal choice for getting everyone to be part of your launch is through livestreaming. Other than livestreaming the event, you can start livestreaming the preparation for your event to build up the buzz around your launch and engage your customers.


With the world currently a global village, it is common to have shareholders and investors littered all over the world. Shareholder meetings might not be something easy to plan and get everyone fly into one location to attend. Livestreaming these meetings might be the ideal choice to get everyone to attend meetings without the logistics of travel and accommodation. These meetings will be livestreamed through a private site, allowing the attendees to give their input on various issues being discussed.

Appreciation Events

Rear view of speaker on stage

Some of the typical corporate appreciation events include gala dinners and award ceremonies. Livestreaming these events will give your clients who cannot attend a front row seat to the event. Most people will not resist the urge of an insight into the glamour of corporate appreciation events. As such, you are guaranteed of attracting a considerable number of online traffic to your site.

Livestreaming the events mentioned above sounds like something that you can handle with the right camera or smartphone. However, this is far from the case since a poorly done livestream will only put off your viewers and leave you counting losses. To guarantee that a livestream has a positive and considerable effect on your bottom line, get a professional to produce the video for you. The production company will also recommend the best sites for your livestreams and the ideal formats for the videos.

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