Top Orthodontic Options for Perfectly Aligned Teeth


Top Orthodontic Options for Perfectly Aligned Teeth

woman smilingPractically everyone I know strives to keep a set of pearly white teeth that is divinely aligned, which makes it look like dreamwork. Well, not really that lush, but you get the drift.

It’s no small wonder then why a lot of my friends frequently visit a trusted orthodontist in Oviedo, FL, and nearby areas to have some corrective work done on their teeth. An orthodontist can perform different dental procedures, including those related to cosmetics such as braces and retainers. Such a professional could handle the dental needs of adults, teens, and kids alike.

Now, if you’re wondering what options there are for you, if you want to have perfectly aligned teeth, the good news is that there are several good ones. Here are four options for you to consider:

Metal braces

Traditional braces are made from stainless steel and comprise metal brackets and wires. The braces gradually push the teeth until they get into the right position. They can correct over-bites and under-bites and help achieve a set of teeth that are neatly aligned.

Each visit, the orthodontist progressively adjusts the metal brace to a slightly stronger pressure. Colored elastics are likewise added to keep the archwire perfectly still. The elastic bands are also changed with each visit or adjustment phase.

Metal braces are perhaps the most common type of brace and the most affordable. For those who don’t mind having relatively noticeable braces, then metal braces are the perfect pick.



Invisalign is made from virtually invisible aligners, which explains the name. These aligners can be removed so you can eat whatever food you want to without having to worry about stains. They are also applied progressively, just like metal braces.

This relatively new product has been gaining a loyal following among orthodontists and consumers due to their versatility and the fact that they can address many teeth issues such as open bites, overcrowding, underbites, gaps, crossbites, and deep bites.

Just take note that smoking and chewing gums are discouraged so as not to affect the condition of the aligners for the best results possible.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces work pretty much like traditional metal braces but are way more discreet.  They come in different transparencies that are usually matched to the color of the person’s teeth. Further, they are small and do not cause discomfort to the wearer. Bonding is also consistent and pretty much predictable, so it’s easy to keep track of a wearer’s progress.

A lot of people also favor ceramic braces since they resist stain and discoloration, so there won’t be restrictions on the food that one can eat or the liquids that one can drink.


A retainer helps prevent corrected teeth from falling back to their original positions. Retainers are typically placed onto the teeth following the completion of corrective stages, whether through metal and ceramic braces or Invisalign. Retainers also come in clear, permanent, and removable types, so there’s undoubtedly one option that would fit individual preferences.

Just visit your trusted orthodontist soon to know which of these options will fit your specific dental requirements perfectly.

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