Top Hikes in South America for Your Next Adventure


Top Hikes in South America for Your Next Adventure

South America is an outdoorsy traveler’s dream destination. The region has plenty of stunning vistas and beautiful, scenic trails that go through valleys, canyons, alpine lakes and snow-capped peaks. Some of these areas have both cultural and historical significance, which makes your trip more enriching.

If you are planning a trip to South America, here are some of the must-do treks for your itinerary.

Choquequirao Hike

If you want to see ancient ruins in Peru but for some reason can’t do the Inca Trail, the Choquequirao hike or trek is a possible alternative. This trail doesn’t get as many visitors as its more famous counterpart. However, your reward after the arduous journey is centuries-old temples, aqueducts, terraces and vestiges of a bygone civilization.

This multi-day adventure takes you on ascents and descents through the country’s beautiful landscape.

Fitz Roy, El Chalten

This destination located in Argentina is a popular choice for those who want to do multiple day hikes from El Chalten. You can see two of the country’s famous landscapes, the Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy after just a couple of hours trek from town.

This is an ideal choice for beginners or travelers who don’t have much time to explore Patagonia. For more adventurous types, you can go independently and spend a few days in the mountains, just bring your gear and supplies.

Torres del Paine

Located in Chile, the trek to this destination will be as close as you can possibly get to the end of the world. The unpredictable weather, rough terrain and beautiful landscape towering over the lakes will make you feel small and in awe of nature.

The two popular treks you can do are the W Trek and the O Circuit. The latter takes more than a week to complete while the former takes around five days to finish.

El Choro

Bolivia is another destination in South America that has a number of mountains surrounding it. One of the treks you can take is El Choro; this trail is a go-to choice of many tourists because of its nearness to La Paz. The adventure begins at an altitude of approximately 4700m and drops to around 3200m.

As you make the descent, you’ll experience and see the dramatic change of scenery and temperature.

Golondrinas Cloud Forest Trek

Ecuador may be a small country, but has beautiful landscapes and scenic trails. The Golondrinas Cloud Forest Trek is one adventure you’ll never forget. Most of the hike is descending, which makes it less strenuous for less experienced trekkers. You’ll eventually make your way down to the Mira Valley.

Inca Trail

People trail running

This trek is one of the most famous and coveted in South America. Located in Peru, it is a popular route that will take adventure seekers to Machu Picchu. The Sacred Valley provides stunning vistas that will make you stop and stare for a moment to soak in the views.

These are just some of the treks you can do while in South America. Other trails take you through awe-inspiring views of mountains, valleys, canyons and lakes.

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