Tips for Boosting Your Business’ Brand Awareness


Tips for Boosting Your Business’ Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent of customers’ familiarity with a particular quality or image of a brand. Improving your brand awareness encourages consumers to make repeat purchases and significantly increases your business’ market share and sales. It’s crucial in driving consumers’ decisions when differentiating between you and your competition. Here are some practical tips for elevating your brand awareness:

Invest in professional advertising

Advertising is a great strategy for keeping new and existing customers informed about what new products and services you are offering. This helps increase awareness to all sorts of buyers. It’s not enough to just hire anyone to do your advertising if you want people to take your brand seriously. You’ll need to work with a corporate photography and video production company that can provide you with professional-quality advertisements and marketing collaterals.

Network at industry conferences

Networking with key individuals working within your industry can give you an edge over your competition. This opens you up to a host of opportunities for your business to gain exposure. Make sure you know who these key players are and always have a game plan for who to meet when you arrive at the venue. Even a simple Instagram post or shout-out can do great things for your business.

Run a contest or giveaway

Contests or giveaways on social media can effectively spread the word about your business out there. Contestants can be asked to share the link with their families and friends to garner more votes on their entries. This will build up awareness of your brand as a result.

Launch an email newsletter

Even with the proliferation of social media, email marketing is still one of the most effective techniques to get the word about your business out there. Emails have an excellent ROI which means that for every pound you spend, an email returns about four times that amount. Emails can also be automated, so you should have no problem setting it up to reach as many people as you want. It’s also a great strategy for developing a trustworthy relationship with consumers since you can easily communicate who you are and what you stand for.

Set up a referral program

Your existing consumers will be more willing to recommend your product or service if they know they can get rewarded for it. For every referral, you can offer simple incentives like discounts, invites to exclusive events, or gifts. Make sure that you have a clear definition of what kinds of referrals will be rewarded, such as a definite sale or a certain number of transactions.

Give away freebies

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Put your brand name on anything from pens, mugs, and shirts, then give them away at conferences or events. You’ll get tons of easy advertising opportunities when someone sees someone using these items in their daily lives.

Work with influencers

Influencer marketing concept

Don’t have the budget to hire celebrity endorsers? Influencers are a great alternative since not only are they more affordable, they’re also more relatable. People’s awareness of your product will significantly increase when an influencer with an established following mentions your brand in their content. Simply make sure that the influencer you decide to work with suits your brand’s image and identity.

Let your audience get to know you and what you stand for by boosting your brand awareness with these simple tips.

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