The Trendiest Desserts to Know in 2020


The Trendiest Desserts to Know in 2020

Last year, everyone saw resto desserts making a comeback, including sheet cakes to old favorites like pain au hot Chocolat and Vegemite macarons. While some of these dessert trends rolled into 2020, there are still some classics that never go out of style.

To give your palate new tastes to enjoy this 2020, here’s a look at the desserts popping off on plates this year.


Macarons are delicate desserts that made its way to the trendiest desserts in 2020 thanks to its delicious flavor, unique structure, and ever-rising popularity. It’s a dessert frequently featured in popular TV cooking shows like Master Chef, contributing to it becoming a ‘trend’ this year. Macarons can come in different flavors, ranging from standard vanilla to unique ones like Vegemite.

Cheese Cupcakes

Everyone loves cheese, and it loves people back. It does this by releasing dopamine (the happy hormone) into one’s system, encouraging individuals to feel happier and eat more. What better way to incorporate the popular ingredient into one of the most popular desserts of all time? Combining cheese and cupcakes is a savory-sweet dessert everyone seems to be enjoying this year, thanks to its unique concept and delicious taste.


People usually use meringue (a whipped mixture of granulated sugar and egg whites) to add a ‘lighter’ touch to your favorite decadent desserts like mousses, pies, cake mixtures soufflés. It’s also a key ingredient to popular desserts such as baked Alaska and crisp baked meringues. However, this 2020, people reinvented the classic meringue by adding unique flavors and colors for a festive dessert anyone can enjoy.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a balanced dessert. It’s airy and creamy, giving you a decadent dessert to enjoy without too much guilt. The dessert has been around since 1892 and has become popularized in the 1930s when people started to enjoy chocolate pudding mixes more — and it still managed to sneak in this year’s trendiest desserts.

chocolate mousse

Flourless Cake

As part of the healthy dessert trend taking over this year, flourless cakes are being popularized again in the dessert scene. Flourless cakes are trending quickly and are extremely tasty, with many naming it as the ‘dish next door.’ Flourless cakes have the same ingredients as a regular cake, minus the refined flour, making it delicious, indulgent, and healthier. It allows you to eat seconds minus the guilt.

‘Ube’ Desserts

Ube is a distinct purple yam hailing from the Philippines, giving desserts a unique nutty but vanilla-like flavor. You can use this vegetable in almost any dessert, including ice cream, pancakes, donuts, cakes, pies, and chocolate. Although it’s native to the Philippines, it’s recently become an international sensation in 2020 thanks to its unique color and sweet ‘starchy’ taste. It’s a fun and unique ingredient anyone can incorporate into their favorite desserts.

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All-Natural Vegan-Friendly Desserts

In 2019, people made an effort to avoid adding any artificial components to their desserts, including food coloring, preservatives, and other chemicals, advocating for healthier and all-natural food. The year 2020 proved to be the year of change, bringing the all-natural food trend to light. Plus, vegan-friendly desserts have soared this year, skipping the usual eggs and dairy while still enjoying delicious treats like fudge beet brownies made from beets and almond flour.

Everyone loves desserts, and whether you’re looking for new recipes to explore to add to your menu or enjoy, any of the food trends mentioned are fantastic options try this 2020 — allowing you to end the year with a sweet finish.

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