The Must-Have Lists for Any Party or Event


The Must-Have Lists for Any Party or Event

Throwing a party or any type of event is always exciting, but there are a lot of things that you would have to remember and take note of to make your event a successful one. There is nothing more frustrating than getting everything mixed up and unorganized, especially if the event is for a huge number of people.

Let’s discuss some of the lists that you would have to create when planning an event or party. From choosing from a wide variety of caterers and lunch box deliveries in Melbourne to getting the right chair and tables supplier, we are going to discuss it below.

A List of Your Specific Budget

The first list that you should definitely pay attention to is your budget. You should have a specific budget for your catering (including the food and drinks), event location, decorations, tables and chairs, etc. Decide how much you are willing to spend for the whole event, then distribute that to each of the category listed above.

Your Invite and RSVP List

Second, you should make a list of the people that you would want to invite for the event. You can also list down the attendees, speakers, emcees, guest of honour, exhibitors, event helpers, and organizers if you are expecting any of those to attend your event.

Once you have invited those people, remember to take a look at who RSVPd and make a list of those people as well. You should include the people that they are coming with, too, so you can include a plus one (or two) for them.

Decoration, Food and Drinks, and Supplies List

Make a list of what type of decorations you want for the event. Do you want balloons for the party? Then, go ahead and list that down. Are you looking to decorate with flowers? Then you would most likely want to decide what type of flowers and how many of it you want in advance.

Making a list of your preferred food and drinks to serve during the event is important, too. This way, when you talk to your caterer, you would know what types of food and drinks to request. A list of supplies that you need for the party such as tables, chairs, utensils, sound system, and a whole lot more should be included in the list, too.

A List for Cleaning Up

Group of friends taking a selfie at a party

Finally, you would want to create a list of how you would clean the place up. Determine where you would like to start and put that on your top priority cleaning list. Additionally, you can also make a list of contributors and where you’ll want them to do the cleaning up. It definitely would be a lot better and faster to get a little bit of help from a couple of heads when it comes to cleaning the place up after the party.

Creating lists and planning for your party in advance is a surefire way to make the party a successful and hassle-free one!

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