The Different Forms of Art and How They Can Affect Our Everyday Lives


The Different Forms of Art and How They Can Affect Our Everyday Lives

Art is a universal language. It comes in different forms which allow people to express their feelings and embrace their individuality. Art can come in the form of paintings, drawings, and carvings. Seeing a lot of beautiful city structures, listening to a touching song, and watching actors in a performing arts theater in Minnesota or elsewhere are all products of artistic minds.

The diverse world of art

Performance art refers to a type of art that features live depictions of artistry, which are aimed to draw attention and provoke thought to their target audiences. It can come in the form of dancing, singing or playing musical instruments, acting, and others that are usually performed in public. Performance art focuses more on events instead of tangible pieces of art, such as paintings and sculptures among a few.

Performance art is somewhat similar to theater art and visual art. For one thing, theater art involves live performances and is usually performed in a stage or theater house. Theater performances use actors, costumes, and stage props to create a realistic depiction of scenes they are performing.

Visual arts, on the other hand, involve using various mediums to express the creator’s emotions. It is usually meant to be a “feast for the eyes” and focused on its aesthetic value. Among popular mediums include photography, film, drawing, painting, and sculptures among a few.

Cooking is even considered an art which is usually referred to as culinary arts. Food preparation is an art itself, and culinary arts aim to make people appreciate food in general. It also studies different methods of preparation and also enjoys the food in its physical form.

While these types of arts are depicted in different mediums and methods, they all have one thing in common: all of them are aimed to spread a message across all audiences. It is a product of creative minds and should be something that can change the world for the better.

How to unleash the artist in you

Hand drawing ideas on paper

Not everyone is a born actor or a painter, but we can believe that all of us have hidden creativity, just waiting to be unleashed. Here are some tips on how you can discover the inner artist or performer in you.

1. Have a small notebook and pen with you.

Sometimes, ideas pop in your head in the most unexpected times. When that moment comes, it can be a good idea to jot those thoughts in a small notebook (or your mobile phone if you prefer). Who knows when you can put those thoughts into good use in the future.

2. Discover your undiscovered dreams.

There are times wherein we tend to daydream about things we secretly wanted to be. Why not entertain those thoughts instead? If you daydream about being in a band, consider enrolling in a music school. Or you can enroll in a culinary school if you want to expand your cooking skills.

3. Find something that will inspire you.

It’s not a bad thing to get some inspiration from existing pieces of art. But be careful not to copy it entirely (most likely applicable in visual arts) as it can lead to copyright issues.

4. Stay away from technology once in a while.

Make it a habit to stay away from your gadgets every now and then and appreciate your surroundings. Visit museums or art centers. Watch stage plays and live concerts (minus the mobile phones, of course).

Remember how people back then were able to enjoy these things without mobile phones and social media.

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