The Creative Side: What it Means to be a Creative


The Creative Side: What it Means to be a Creative

The creative industry is one big faction that complements various industries—from marketing to manufacturing. Without creatives, the communication of marketing message and other efforts will be futile and useless. Creatives are hired to help marketers and brand people take care of the business’ image. They are a breed of people that specialize in various disciplines. And creatives are not just all about the visual and art-based talents. Other than art directors and creative directors, creatives also cover copywriters, scriptwriters, web designers, editors, photographers, producers, and project managers. Anyone who gets involved in ideation and similar disciplines can be considered creatives.

One may ask what makes a creative truly creative. And lucky for you, this article will cover the factors and things that make up a creative. You can use this as a reference, especially if you are a budding creative who wants to thrive in the marketing or advertising industry. Knowing all these things will help increase your chances of getting hired by a good employer. Below are some of the pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Creatives uphold quality

It is important that creative material is beautiful. However, it is also important that this beautiful material is practically free from any flaw and spots. This means that the material should be always of high quality. Despite the pressure, creatives should find a way to ensure that the materials are on-brief and easy to understand. Writers should avoid typographical errors and run-on sentences. Art directors and photographers should hire providers of e-commerce product image editing to make sure that the photos are spotless.

Creatives think outside the box

Creative poster of blue coffee beans inside a coffee cup

Successful creatives do not just think about the brief. They think outside the box. They challenge the brief without risking the wants and needs of the client. They connect the dots and look at the possibilities. They are good at lateral thinking. Do not get disheartened, though. This is something that you can practice and develop.

Creatives are good managers

Creatives do not just get direction from project managers and client services people. They take ownership of the project, and they make sure that they know their priorities. They should be good at delegating tasks so that the manpower will be optimized. They should be also good at managing the traffic of their teams, and they should be reliable when it comes to coordination.

Creatives use their people smart

Creative people also use their people smart, as they know that they are not just supposed to stay in the office. They use their charm to please the clients during presentations. They are good at storytelling and engaging people.

Being a creative is often overlooked. Creatives are sometimes the underrepresented sector of the marketing industry. However, creatives are a breed of marketers and business people who make sure that the campaigns will work and people will understand the communications much easier. If you want to become a better creative, you ought to take into account all the things mentioned above.

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