The Best Wedding Cake Flavors to Consider


The Best Wedding Cake Flavors to Consider

When it comes to wedding preparations, brides-to-be will be surprised to know that browsing options for a wedding cake can be exhausting. It is especially true if you are clueless about what you want to have on your big day. Some couples can easily make decisions on the venue, the wedding dress, guest list, whether to get platinum or white gold wedding rings for her and him, and so on.

However, when it comes to food for the reception, as well as the wedding cake flavors and design, some can say that deciding on a wedding cake is no piece of cake.

To make it easier for you, try to match the design with the theme or motif of your wedding. Once you have settled on this, choose a flavor that you both like. Here are some wedding cake flavors that made it on top of the best wedding cake options.


The classic vanilla — flavored cake is a guaranteed crowd favorite. Unsurprisingly, it is the go-to option for most couples for their wedding day. It offers a fresh yet simply delicious flavor that suits any filling or frosting. Many bakers specializing in wedding cakes get plenty of requests for vanilla cakes buttercream frosting. It is one of the classics.


A more decadent option to the classic vanilla, chocolate wedding cakes is another top choice for most couples planning their big day. It is a rich and indulgent dessert that you’d be pleased to serve to your guests. It is often complemented with caramel, raspberry, and buttercream. Quite popular are chocolate wedding cakes with a raspberry mousse, while several variations of chocolate such as dark, Belgian, and German are also crowd favorites.


Lemon cakes are a sweet and zesty treat often picked for warm-weather wedding celebrations. It is a refreshingly tart confection that guests will appreciate for dessert. This type of cake goes great with fresh berries, lemon frosting, raspberry filling, and vanilla buttercream. It also sits nicely with mousse fillings, so you have a range of options for this cake flavor.


Almond cakes have been taking center stage as more couples fall for its sweet flavors and versatility. Bakers observe requests for almond cakes with buttercream caramel filling or salted caramel. It also goes well with blueberry or lemon fillings. Wedding cake bakers are also experimenting with pear-almond delights with hints of cardamom spice.

Spice Cake

During colder months, couples are also inclined to opt for rich spice cake flavors. Couples often order spice and carrot cakes as it offers comfortingly festive flavors. Weddings scheduled during the holidays and colder seasons usually have cinnamon spice cakes topped with maple buttercream frosting.

Funfetti Cakes

In recent years, couples have also explored fun wedding cake designs. For instance, the funfetti is a colorful cake decorated abundantly with sprinkles that are mixed into the butter. Its colorful interior brings out smiles as the couple cut their cake during the wedding party.

The search for the perfect cake design and flavor can be a fun and exciting challenge for the couple. There are thousands of options available depending on your theme and tastes. Some couples go for elaborate designs and heavy flavors. But if everything seems overwhelming, you’ll never go wrong with the classics!

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