Staying Fit and Healthy in Australia’s East Coast


Staying Fit and Healthy in Australia’s East Coast

If you live in Australia's Gold Coast, you know that there are some group activities and sports that would interest you. Aside from that, there are various fitness training classes you could join. The Gold Coast Council explains that these lessons help the community to live fit and healthy lives. Here are some of the activities you could join in the Gold Coast.


1. Salt Performance

This type of exercise is fit for anyone who loves water sports, such as beach surfers and boaters. The activities target various muscles in some regions of the body. Various tasks result in both mental and physical fitness.


2. The Shake-Up

The Shakeup is a 25-minute workout. It's a challenging session, but many find it suitable for all levels. The training is ideal for beginners as well as experts. It is also a good exercise for wellness fanatics. The tasks don't follow any order, as long as the participants complete them and do their best.


3. Strength, Stretch, and Abs

Stretching class at gym

This type of fitness involves learning how to stretch the body. By doing so, the muscles build strength that brings a feeling of revitalization and energy. Trainers use simple equipment like mats and stretch bands during practice. The equipment helps the body to build up energy by strengthening the stomach muscles.


4. KUVX Fitness

KUVX program is for people who don't have time for fitness. It provides a 30-minute intense group fitness session. It fits all levels, and anyone can join. During the sessions, everyone exercises and tries to complete the session.


5. Strength and Conditioning Fitness

The training is for small groups. The training helps in building body muscles while losing weight. The activities target bone and muscle growth because strong bones maintain agility into old age. It's suitable for all levels.


6. In Motion Boot Camp

It's a challenging but rewarding training for general fitness. The exercises improve the strength, flexibility and agility. The training accommodates all levels in a group setting. Sessions are motivating and cover strength build-up and flexibility alongside nutritional support.


7. Tai Chi and Yoga

These exercises originate from China and India. Tai Chi is an acient Chinese exercise. Studies reveal that the slow, graceful movements reduce stress and improve breathing in its practitioners. Yoga started in India thousands of years ago, and has evolved into several branches and techniques. Yoga exercises could target flexibility, improved breathing, stress reduction, and strength improvement. 


Woman doing sport exercises at home

The Gold Coast offers these and other well-designed and active group fitness programs to encourage people to stay active and fit. The landscape gives everyone the opportunity to do water sports, aerobic exercises, and other group activities.


The free facilities provided by the council encourage everyone to participate, so the populace could remain healthy and fit. Most of the activities are fun, enjoyable, and accommodates all ages, and there are more activities to choose from than what is listed here. The workout classes have qualified fitness and wellness experts who can help anyone create a fitness routine that could become a lifetime routine. 

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