Self-Makeover: Why Is It So Popular Today?


Self-Makeover: Why Is It So Popular Today?

Free time is hard to come by for many people these days. However, should they find themselves idling, they usually scroll through their Facebook feed or browse videos on YouTube. And it is in this video-sharing site that people usually encounter videos with titles along the lines of “DIY hair cut” or “changing my hair color at home.”

It is typical for these videos to have thousands of views. And with the rising popularity of this content, you probably cannot help but wonder what it is that is so appealing about a self-done makeover — whether it involves the use of hair cutting shears or the application of quirky hair colors.

The answer is quite simple: it is the age of DIYs. This time period has allowed numerous individuals to get more in touch with a side of themselves that they may not have known existed. Furthermore, it has given them the opportunity to encounter or experience some of the things below.


Similar to other forms of arts, crafts, and hobbies, including your appearance in the list of projects that you can DIY can be so cathartic.

Standing under the fluorescent lights of the bathroom while facing your reflection can be unnerving at first. However, the feeling that you will get after the first cut with house shears, or perhaps the first swipe of dye with an applicator you bought from the drugstore, can be thrilling. Not to mention, all encompassing. Should the first attempt be successful, it will be no surprise if you repeat it in the future.

Freedom of Expression

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On a similar note, there are people out there who can be very particular about their look. As a result, it is not often that they allow other people, even those who are professionals, to have a hand on what they look like.

If you are one of these people, then taking the do-it-yourself route is indeed a great option. By DIY-ing your hairstyle, not only do you achieve some form of catharsis, but you also get to have full control on how the public will perceive you.

On top of that, it has become a new way for you and most of the younger generation to express your individuality through fashion dyes. Since you cannot buy these types of hair dyes in most salons, DIY-ing your hair color seems to be the only option that you have. Online stores, after all, can offer you whatever dye color or shade you want.

Getting Busy

There are also some people who pursue DIY projects because they feel they have too much time on their hands, and they want to do something useful. The same can be said about what some individuals do to their appearances. Compared to those who are uptight about their looks, there are select others who change their hairstyles on their own, knowing that they can easily approach a professional should things go awry.

Given all of these reasons, coupled with the benefits of a YouTube career can give a person, it is not surprising how and why so many people have taken it upon themselves to make changes on their looks, particularly their hairstyles.

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