Publicity at its Finest: Planning an Advertising Stunt


Publicity at its Finest: Planning an Advertising Stunt

Everywhere you look, you’ll see ads. They’re too many to count that they can be overwhelming. You’ll somehow become desensitized because you’re always exposed to them.

Some people refer to these surpluses of ads as a form of content pollution, and that pollution is not something you want your campaign to be associated with. You need to come up with something different and attention-grabbing — something that may go viral. After all, your consumers’ attention is a form of currency. The more you get, the more chances of getting paying customers. In this regard, you should consider coming up with a stunt.

The world of marketing and advertising is a quirky one, and you’ll always find creative geniuses who will help you come up with a publicity stunt that you can expand and turn into an evergreen campaign. If you’re looking for some ways to do it, here are things you need to keep in mind:

Make fun of your competitors

This is a time-tested formula, and it never gets old. Making fun of one’s competitors is a surefire way to tell your audience that your brand is a persona and is somewhat tangible. Brands, such as Wendy’s and Burger King, are good at it. For Halloween, Burger King dressed up as a ghost of McDonald’s with a statement, “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” However, you should draw a line when it comes to trolling your rivals. Do not be too offensive. Do it for the sake of fun.

Make use of an existing medium

Existing medium and installations can act as a means for publicity stunts. One classic example of this is the “Fearless Girl.” It’s an installation created by Kristen Visbal for State Street Global Advisors. The statue was placed facing the Charging Bull statue by Arturo Di Modica. The statue of the defiant girl is interpreted as a feminist symbol in the male-dominated Wall Street.

Use celebrities

Celebrities are often commissioned for product freight-centric TV commercials, but you can make them grounded and relatable by conspiring with them for stunts. If you’re running a grocery brand, for instance, you can have the celebrity as one of the cashiers. Film the reaction of the customers and use the material as content. You can even have them become part of your undercover pranks. To create a story out of it, you should work with reliable production company services.

Do something with your logo

Redesigning the logo

Some brands are willing to violate their logos’ integrity for the publicity, and it’s all right as long as the brand is not associated with something illegal or malicious. This is what Lacoste did to raise awareness and funds for the protection of endangered species. Their shirts bearing the iconic crocodile have icons of endangered species instead. The limited edition pieces are much more expensive than the usual, but the sales are all used as donations to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

If you’re looking to create a lasting brand impression, you ought to come up with a campaign that many people will remember. It will be something that they can resonate with and laugh at, and a publicity stunt can help you achieve such goals.

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