Primary Elements of Brand Storytelling


Primary Elements of Brand Storytelling

Branding is currently one of the buzzwords in marketing circles. Unfortunately, few business owners know how to handle it in their products to guarantee profits. There are now several alternatives for consumers to choose from, and it is essential to boost your chances of being their go-to choice. Branding in the past meant using the right colours to evoke the intended association with your products and using an exceptional logo. These are, no doubt still important, but you will need more than these to succeed.

All your advertising print materials, even the self-adhesive labels that most people consider inconsequential, should tell your brand’s story. Telling a brand story will humanise your product, boost its awareness and customer loyalty and make people want to associate with it in the future. Most clients will steer clear of brands that look like they are trying too hard to be noticed. They associate those with laid-back marketing strategies with a success that makes the businesses believe their products do not need very aggressive marketing strategies. Brand storytelling is no easy feat, and without an expert will be mostly futile. Here are the elements this venture will focus on to guarantee its success.

Authenticity and Consistency

It is essential to know why your product exists and what sets you apart from others when putting together a brand story. These form the building blocks of an authentic story that paints you as an honest company that people can relate with. Share your success as well as any failures and setbacks you encountered along the way. You should also be consistent in the tone, colours and fonts you will use for your adverts and product packages to make your product easy to spot.

Market Understanding

team conducting market researchYou should know the issues your client base will grapple with at every stage of their buying journey to understand how best to reach them. Researching your audience will help you know how to package your story in a way that makes clients tick. If for instance, your brand likes keeping up with trends, you can constantly re-package your brand as the latest on the market.

Communication of the Problem You Solve

All too often, marketers are caught up in the design of their brand that they forget to say what problem they will solve. People are nowadays impatient and want you to communicate your message as fast and in as few words as possible. Aim to communicate the problem with the first glance someone will take at your product or adverts to capture people’s attention.

Character Building

Brand storytelling needs a character your audience can relate to. If for example, you cater to millennials, aim for humour and witty sentences in your marketing approach. This builds your character to match your target audience’s and makes the stories your brand tells relatable to them.

With a poor branding concept, you will, unfortunately, not make it in today’s business world. The above brand storytelling elements are among the proven ones for having a relatable product on the market and consequently boosting your profits. You should, hence, spare no expense in hiring the best company to print the stories they exemplify for your brand’s merchandise and adverts.

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