Playtime: How to Successfully Design a Children’s Playground


Playtime: How to Successfully Design a Children’s Playground

Kids do love to play around and when they see a playground at a park, then you can bet that most of them will race to it. The playground represents happiness and being carefree to these children, and of course, as the owner or designer of these playgrounds, you’d want all children to be safe when playing in it.

Below, we will discuss proper playground design architecture so you do not have to worry about keeping the kids safe when they are playing in your playground.

Think About What the Kids Would Like

Children are energetic, and they most likely want to do everything all at once when in a playground. When having a playground designed by a professional, you’d want to ask them to design one that is suited for all types of play.

You should ask them to design for active play such as running, jumping, climbing, and kicking around. You should also be aware that kids love sensory play, too: touching the surfaces, smelling the plants and flowers around them, and hearing different sounds. Creative and imaginative play should also be kept in mind, such as drawing, dancing, and pretend play. They should also be able to socialize with other kids in the playground, too!

Be Creative

Most children are creative, and you would be surprised at how well they’ll be able to find different ways to use the equipment. You want children to be able to use their creativity in the playground, so you should encourage them to do so.

Let them interpret the equipment so they would not be limited to what they have. For example, you can incorporate a couple of items that can be moved and stacked around, so they can build whatever they want in the playground.

Consider Their Energy Levels

We’ve mentioned earlier that most kids have huge bouts of energy, however, not all of them do. Some kids would choose to sit down on a bench instead of running around, and you have to cater to all kinds of kids and energies when creating and designing your own playground.

While setting up a slide, swing, and monkey bars are default in a playground, you also have to make sure that there is a space for meditation and relaxation, such as a garden full of plants, flowers, and benches to sit on.

Focus on Playability Rather Than the Aesthetics

girl in the children's house, looking into the children's telescope, playground

While adults tend to look at things through an aesthetic level, most children do not. They might be attracted to bold colours and designs, but if you take them to a playground, they most likely choose the one with a much playable space than the one with a beautifully made aesthetic.

With this in mind, you have to remember that kids will be kids. They appreciate it more if they can run around the playground rather than have beautiful materials around them.

Designing a playground can be a lot of work, which is why it would be best if you can find someone who has done it a couple of times in the past. You need to brainstorm with them and think about bright ideas for these children, as you’d want this playground to be the best one around!

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