Planning your Wedding Menu


Planning your Wedding Menu

A wedding can be remembered for a lot of things (aside of course from the love of the couple). It can be the fun games, touching speeches, memorable giveaways, or the drinks that knocked everyone out.  But, one of the things that guests constant look forward to when attending weddings is the menu.

Every couple wants to offer something new to the table that can fill not just their guests’ stomachs, but also their memories. Finding the right wedding catering services in Malibu, CA, is the secret in making this goal a reality.

But, as a couple, your participation in designing a menu that will reflect your special day and the love that you have, all while keeping your guests’ preferences and needs in line, are very important. Below are some factors that can help make your wedding menu a memorable and fulfilling one.

Set a budget

Even the best catering service in town needs to give a budget in order to properly cook and form a menu for your special day. Setting aside a reasonable budget which will make sure that there is enough food for every person on your guest list (and more), is very important.

The last thing you want is for your wedding to be remembered because the guests left with hungry stomachs.

Mix your family tradition and heritage

Every family is unique. Mixing both your family’s tradition and cultural heritage, especially if you are a multiracial couple can allow both cultures to be woven into one. Serving food that represents both your cultures can add a unique touch to your special day.

Plus, giving guests a taste of other culture (literally) is always something to look forward to.

Serve options for people who need it

Multiracial couples likely have guests who will have dietary restrictions (i.e., halal, vegetarian, etc.). In order to make sure that all your guests will enjoy your special day, putting up options for these guests should always be considered.

Plus, if you have guests who have allergies to certain food types (i.e. seafood, soy, peanuts, etc.), putting a sign that it is a possible allergy trigger will surely be appreciated. Letting everyone feel like they belong despite food preferences will in itself make the reception a memorable one.

Invest in visuals

Your eyes will eat first before your mouth does. Serving visually appealing food choices is the first step in enticing your guests to try that sumptuous lamb curry, or have a bite of that Vietnamese spring rolls. Plus, visually appealing food will almost, always make it on any social media feed.

Do not skimp on servings

small portions servings

You are working on a budget. Everyone is. But no matter how tight your budget is, never skimp on portions. When it comes to serving wedding guests, more is always better. It is easier to deal with leftovers that deal with guests with hungry stomachs simply because you made your steak cuts smaller than usual to say on some money.

Make your wedding menu an appetizing and memorable one and see how carefully planning your menu and working with a professional can make a whole lot of difference.

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