Plan a Party Like a Pro: Baby Shower Planning Made Easy


Plan a Party Like a Pro: Baby Shower Planning Made Easy

As soon as the baby news reached you, there’s an almost instantaneous feeling of wanting to throw the biggest and grandest baby shower for the special mom-to-be in your life. Not sure where to start? Here’s a little help from us.

Start with something for the new parents

Before getting knee-deep in planning for the actual party, remember to send a gift to the parents-to-be to congratulate them. There’s no need to overthink this part and go for the no-fail gift: a bottle of champagne makes the perfect gift for this extraordinary occasion.

Take advantage of the convenience that a champagne or wine gift delivery service offers. You can even pair it with a box of chocolates or put together a hamper with the couple’s favourite treats. As they’re most likely to enjoy the bottle of champagne later, pairing it or sending it with a hamper full of yummy treats will give them something to enjoy right away.

Get on with the nitty-gritty

A baby shower is still a party, but it doesn’t have to be a super formal one. Instead, the more relaxed the mood is, the more fun it is for everyone, especially for the mum-to-be. Plan something simple yet chic. Choose a theme that’s easy to carry out and with easy to find materials for the decoration.

Keep in mind that the longest the party can last is three hours, so keep the decoration minimal but stylish. That way, it’s easy to put up and easy to put down. Once the theme is set, it’s time to create a guest list and start designing the invites with the theme in mind.

E-invites is the best way to send invites as it’s fast, and guests can RSVP right away. You can even link a map to the invite, once you’ve finalised the venue. Linking a map will make it easy for the guests to find the location of the party.

And all they have to do is to click on the link that you’ve provided to launch the map on the browser or on their default navigation app. It’s a savvy, convenient, and efficient set up that makes sending out invites and giving directions easy-breezy.

As soon as the guest list has been finalised, you can put together the party favours. Some great options would be a small box of chocolates or mini wine bottles for the guests to enjoy post-party.

Sign up for a gift registry

Cute gift boxes on pink background

Put together a list with a selection of small baby items that are absolutely useful and reasonably priced. This can also be done online so that the guests don’t have to trek to the store to do it. Ideal items to put on the list would include soft toys, soft books, wrist rattles, clothing sets, and stroller toys.

With a list available, it’s easier for everyone to pick a gift they’d like to give and avoid dupes come gift-giving time.

Plan a preggo-approved menu

Make sure that your menu is safe for the new mum-to-be. Finger food and some light snacks are sure to be good for the mum and enjoyable for the guests. While it’s okay to serve sparkling wine or champagne for the guests, you can opt for some tea and coffee too, for a low tea kind of spread.

This menu is also kid-friendly, so if you have young guests, they can enjoy the buffet, too!

Keep these things in mind when you start with the preps as it’s always good to have a handy reference to guide you through the whole preparation process and make it a fun experience for you, too.

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