Picture Perfect: How to Have a Smooth Couple Photoshoot


Picture Perfect: How to Have a Smooth Couple Photoshoot

If you are in a relationship, then chances are you and your significant other shares a lot of special moments together. You most likely would want to keep these special memories in mind, and what better way to do so than to take amazing photos of it?

Whether you have a special event coming up such as an anniversary or wedding, or you simply want to have a photoshoot with your loved one, there are a couple of things that you should remember when having a chateau photo session venue in France.

Know What You Want

Do not leave it all to the photographer. Sure, they know what is best for the shoot, but they still need to know what you want exactly to be able to deliver. Research beforehand and know what you want your photoshoot’s theme to be. Know what costumes and/or outfits you would want to use for the shoot, and produce them weeks before. Do not be afraid to communicate with your photographer, as this is the ultimate key to a successful photoshoot.

Be Creative

The best way to feel comfortable during a photoshoot is to pretend like there is no camera around. Yes, it might be difficult to do this with all the lights, reflectors, and of course, camera all around you, but with another person around to distract you, this actually becomes a lot easier than when you are alone. Ask your photographer if you can talk or chat with your partner during the shoot. Tell each other creative stories, laugh, and be natural. This will make you feel at ease, plus, the nerves will automatically go away after a while.

Do Not Be Too Rehearsed

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Rehearsing or practising right before the shoot will most likely make you both look stiff and uncomfortable during the photoshoot, so just be yourself and shake the nervousness off. You can try and practice beforehand and apply what you have practised during the shoot, but you should also have your photographer take a couple of candid shots. You can see and choose which ones of the photos look unproposed and unrehearsed and keep those instead. These candid photos of the both of you smiling and laughing tell a better story than the rehearsed ones.

Listen to the Photographer

The photographer knows what angle works best, so always listen to them and try to do what they are trying to tell you. If they are asking you to tell a funny story to your partner, then go ahead and do so. You would actually be surprised at the outcome and how amazing everything looks like afterwards. Remember: Communication is the key, especially during photoshoots. Do not hesitate to ask them what the best poses are and where the best lighting is.

Getting your photos taken can be nervewracking, especially if you are the type of people who do not get their photos taken often. Remember that this will only take a couple of hours and that the outcome will be awesome!

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