Optimizing Tangible Marketing for Your Veterinary Practice


Optimizing Tangible Marketing for Your Veterinary Practice

Promotional products are a form of tangible marketing, which aims to maintain brand awareness through useful giveaway products. Veterinary practices can maximize the effectiveness of their promotional products by selecting products closer to their ideal brand image.

When choosing promotional products for your veterinary practice, it pays to think outside the box. Companies big and small have traditionally relied on a tried and true set of corporate promotional items for press kits, giveaways, and rewards.

These have become rather cliché in recent years and are no longer the only things offered by companies. Swag items should not be the first on only items in your list of items. What works for corporate clients wouldn’t readily apply for a veterinary practice.

Although these items—tote bags, T-shirts, and mugs—do have their place in many promotional strategies strategy, they won’t make much of an impact on your customers on their own. This isn’t to say that these things aren’t useful to customers; a good-quality mug or bag will see a lot of utility in a customer’s home, but neither will it do much to foster a lasting recollection of your practice.

Stay on Brand

It isn’t enough to stick your practice’s name and logo in a T-shirt or a mug. The range of freebie items shouldn’t just be limited to the same kind seen in corporate giveaways.  The promotional items your practice gives away should also encourage your clients to think well of your practice, to be reminded of the service you provided for them and their pets, and to remind them that you are a call away when their pet is in need of care.

In general, any custom promotional and gift products sent to the clients of your veterinary practice should reflect on the desired brand image you have for your practice. When releasing promotional items, select those that are likely to be relevant. Your clientele would appreciate items that have a more lasting impact on their lives, which helps improve brand recall.

Most of your promotional items should have your clinic’s name on them. A broad assortment of items can be customized to feature logos and lettering. Hiring a professional service

Keep it Useful

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Your promotional material serves primarily as tangible marketing, which has the potential to be just as effective than business card in forming awareness of your brand. The key to maximizing the effectiveness is to ensure that they are useful.

Ideally, the products you choose should be both pertinent to your customer’s needs as well as a reflection of your brand and its identity. Pet collars and other complementary animal accessories are an excellent choice because they reflect both on an actual need and are relevant to your practice. Likewise, veterinary practices can appeal to the children of their client base through giveaways that appeal to children such as coloring books and stickers. These products can highlight the practice’s family-friendly image.

Personalize Your Gratitude

Often, general promotional items are enough of a token for the loyalty of a client. Occasionally, though, your practice should tailor its customer rewards a bit more as a reward for especially loyal longtime clients.  These client gifts should reflect their personalities and interests. Tokens like are often a sign of longtime rapport between you and your clients and will often be appreciated.

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