One Easy Change You Need to Make to Help You Look Younger and Be Healthier


One Easy Change You Need to Make to Help You Look Younger and Be Healthier

Were your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthier? Or you just wanted to have more energy and feel better in general. Surveys show you’re not alone in wanting to accomplish such goals.

According to Harris Poll, thousands of people decide that the beginning of a year is a perfect time to start a new routine. Unfortunately, after the first enthusiasm wears off, those resolutions can seem so overwhelmingly unattainable that they end up being added to a long list of failed New Year’s resolutions.

But what if attaining your goals takes only a simple change such as drinking more glasses of water?

What’s the Big Deal About a Little Glass of Water?

It is a well-established fact that human bodies are about 60% water. It only makes sense that drinking enough water can help you feel better, lose weight, look more rested, and give you more energy. On the other hand, being even slightly dehydrated can cause you to gain weight, give you skin problems, make you feel tired, and even make you sick.

How Much is Enough?

According to studies by the CDC, most people don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water. How much water should you drink each day? That number is not always the same for everyone, and there are various recommendations. But the widely accepted amount of water needed by an average healthy person is relatively easy to figure out by multiplying your total body weight by half to one ounce of water for each pound you weigh. That number also depends on your level of activity and the climate you live in.

It’s best to install water softeners, especially if you live in Eagle Mountain or other parts of Utah with hard water issues, so you can drink tap water as frequently as possible without worrying about minerals and sediments. But keep in mind that softened water isn’t recommended if you’re on a low-sodium diet.

Keeping it Easy

In a survey by ORC, working Americans answer the following when asked why they don’t drink enough water:

  • ”I know I need to drink more water, and I try, but it’s hard to get that much water down each day.”
  • “I don’t feel thirsty often.”
  • “The water at work doesn’t taste good.”
  • “I have to pay for bottled water.”

You probably think the same way, but committing to drinking more water may not as hard as you think if you follow these simple guidelines and tips:

  1. Use your smartphone or smartwatch or exercise tracker. There are apps, taps, and alarms that will remind you to drink your water every hour.
  2. Always bring an insulated refillable bottle, so you always have fresh cold water. If you find plain water boring, there are water bottles with fruit infusers. Add berries, citrus slices, or melon to your infuser for a taste boost without compromising your water with chemicals. Some reusable water bottles also glow, vibrate, and play music to remind you to drink and track your water intake.
  3. Again, you may want to invest in a water filter/water softener at home to filter out the chemicals and minerals that give your water that unpleasant taste. As a bonus, bathing or showering with filtered or softened water will leave your hair and skin feeling softer and suppler.

Reaching your New Year’s resolution goals can be as easy as sipping your way to better health, lower weight, more energy, and feeling better in general. All you have to is take that first step and commit to drinking more water this year.

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