Nuisance Greens: Knowing the Different Kinds of Weeds


Nuisance Greens: Knowing the Different Kinds of Weeds

When it comes to gardening, many people may have a singular and collective opinion: all weeds must go. After all, they are a nuisance competing with your shrubs and flowering plants for nutrients. These are primarily troubling if you are growing a vegetable garden, as they may affect the health and growth of your veggies. However, not all weeds are useless. Some weeds are attractive that many homeowners let them grow in their yard, although under strict control and supervision.

You may be weeding these weeds out (pun intended), but you may notice that they keep coming back. Sometimes, it happens because you may not have any idea about them. When you have basic knowledge of the types of weeds, it will be much easier for you to come up with a strategy to rid of them in your garden.

Below are some of the most basic types of garden weeds.

Major Groups of Weeds

Many experienced gardeners can say that there are three major groups of weeds. They are the annual, biennial weeds, and woody weeds (also known as perennial weeds).

Annual weeds spread and live for one year. They may sprout either during summer or winter. For one, some yearly weeds germinate in spring, grow over the summer, and disappear at the onset of fall or winter.

Biennial weed types, on the other hand, may live for two years. During the first year, the seeds will germinate. When the second year comes, they will start producing seeds and flowers.

Lastly, there are perennial weeds. These weeds usually grow back year after year. They can grow in different seasons.

Common Weeds that You May See in Your Garden

Gardener cutting grass

A lot of garden weeds fall under the categories mentioned above. Weed control companies in Perth say that some of them are present in a lot of gardens.

Dandelions are one of the most common weeds. They may look pretty, but they can be quite hard to control, as their roots are usually deep. Some recommend planting plants that are competitive and can overwhelm them.

Chickweeds are flowering weeds, but getting rid of them can be quite challenging, too. You can pull them out of the soil, as their root system is shallow. But the challenge lies in how many weeds you are going to remove.

Crabgrass is another common garden weed that is characterized by its asterisk-like appearance. It can be quite easy to weed out. For example, you can use a weed control spray. You can also use some organic fertilizer as a control measure.

The beauty of your garden depends on the type of plants you put in it. However, some weeds like to make an appearance, thus breaking the air and aesthetics of your patch. It is your job to get rid of them as soon as possible, especially if you notice that they have adverse effects on the health of your plants. In case you are having trouble getting rid of them, you may want to seek the service of a reliable weed control company.

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