Landscaping 101: Suitable Flowers for Your Garden


Landscaping 101: Suitable Flowers for Your Garden

Everyone would agree when we say that landscaping is not complete without beautiful plants to enhance the area and give your backyard or front yard a picturesque view or ambiance. If you are one of those who enjoy the landscape design in city parks, then you might be wondering what plants are perfect for your own landscape.

There are flowering plants that blossom only in spring and in the summer, but there are also flowers that can grow all year round. These flowers are also low maintenance, so you can save time and effort when taking care of them. If you are considering a professional landscape design for your home in Park City, the following types of flowers could be your best options:


These flowers bloom in the summer and the best thing about them is that they can last for weeks when placed in a vase. Alstroemeria comes in different colors, such as pink, orange, white, red, purple, and yellow.


These flowers bloom during the winter, spring, and fall. It is rare to see them in the summer months. Crocus flowers grow well in valleys and meadows or any place that is wide and open.

African Lily

One of the low maintenance types of flowers, the African Lily doesn’t need to be watered as often as other flowers.

Evening Primrose

When spring comes, it signals the blossoming of evening primroses, too. These flowers bloom in the evening, which is why they are called evening primrose.

sunflowers in the garden


Who doesn’t feel the sunshine when they see sunflowers? They bloom in the summer and are very tolerant of heat, so you don’t need to water them often.


Marigolds bloom for the whole year except during the winter season. The best thing about marigolds is that they are among the mosquito-repellent plants.


Having this flower as part of your landscaping design will turn your garden into a haven for butterflies. They bloom in the spring and autumn, but you can also see snapdragons during summer, especially in places where it’s not so hot.


There are varieties of begonias that can bloom for the whole year, although most of them can be seen in the summer. These flowering plants grow even under the shade and they also last for weeks in vases.


Like begonias, there are also types of camellias that can bloom all year round. This flowering plant comes in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, pink, and red.


Pansies grow all year round, especially in places where the climate is warm. It doesn’t matter where you plant them since they grow well under the sun or in the shade, although they need to be watered regularly.


This flowering plant is best planted during summer. It can bloom for months after being planted and lasts for a long time in containers. Coneflowers also attract birds, butterflies, and other pollinators, turning your garden into a beautiful habitat.


Even though they are technically considered herbs, lavenders are pleasant to look at and smell, which is why there are landscapers who include them in their designs. Lavenders attract butterflies and bees, and there is a variety that also repels mosquitoes. Lavenders are also tolerant to drought, so you don’t need to water them frequently.

These are the 12 flowering plants that are perfect for your landscaping needs. Some of them can live for the whole year, while others bloom in one or two seasons only. Most of these flowers are tolerant to drought, making them low maintenance.

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