It’s All in the Lighting: Hacks to Make Poorly-lit Rooms Look Brighter


It’s All in the Lighting: Hacks to Make Poorly-lit Rooms Look Brighter

While everyone may have different design preferences, many would agree that living spaces should always feel brighter and more spacious. Black walls may be trendy, but homeowners should still be able to find the right balance between light and dark shades. It doesn’t matter what room it may be; no one would enjoy spending time in a room with dim and oppressive vibes.   However, if you end up in a home or apartment with a tricky lighting system or doesn’t allow natural light to come in, there are some things you can do to brighten up your space. With these ideas, you’ll turn a poorly-lit space into a bright and energized room:

Colors determine everything

When it comes to making a dark room look more alive, you can’t neglect your choice of colors. This can mean changing the colors of your walls. But if you’re renting or don’t want to use wallpapers, there are some design elements you can add to your space for some pops of color. Hang a large-scale artwork or add some fun rugs, throw pillows, and other décor pieces to get more colors.

If you don’t want to stick to the usual white, you can go for metallic, lavender or lilac, or even bolder colors such as red, green, or orange. If you don’t want to invest in bigger pieces or take on a painting project, simple accent pieces will do the trick.

Mirrors can add some magic

When you’re looking for additional light sources, mirrors are great pieces that are not only affordable but also highly functional. Because they have reflective properties, they can extend the life of light waves in any area in your house. This will create the illusion of increased lighting in your room. Place a mirror behind or directly across from a source of light. As the mirror bounces all the light around the room, you’ll see how much brighter and more open your entire space will look like.

Leave space where it’s needed

Entertainment Center and Rec Room in Luxury Home

Many companies that offer interior design services in Portland, Oregon, and other cities apply the concept of negative space or white space whenever they’re coming up with a design. After all, this is basic in design school. White space refers to the empty spaces that can be found around the focal point or the areas of a design that are intentionally left blank in order to avoid a cluttered look.

Of course, this empty space serves an important purpose. When there are negative spaces, it’s easier for the eyes to catch a visual breath, especially when the overall design can be quite overwhelming.

When it comes to making a dark room look brighter, colors and spaces are the keys. Smart design choices can open up a room even if you’re not necessarily adding more floor space or light bulbs. The gloomiest areas in the house are usually the most cluttered ones, so try to move some of your furniture out to free up some space on your walls. Get the help of professionals when necessary to achieve better results.

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