Is It Time for You to Switch to a New Career?


Is It Time for You to Switch to a New Career?

Most people stay in their jobs because these jobs are stable and give them comfort to walk in a room and know what to expect. But the volatile job market is far from stable anymore. Big companies crashed and burned. We’ve seen that in the past years. Your job security isn’t something that your employer can guarantee anymore. Instead, you carry your skills around with you. Your experiences will be your only weapon in the dog-eat-dog world out there.

If you plan to move to another company, look first at the group health benefits in Utah or another city that the employer offers you. The changing landscape of the healthcare laws in recent years made it impossible for ordinary mortals to afford medical care for their families. One of the biggest considerations that you have to make when choosing a new job or switching to a different career is the kind of health compensation package you can get from it.

It is important to differentiate a job from a career. A job change usually entails moving to a different position in the same company or moving to another company with the same job description. A career change means picking another industry to be a part of. It means not doing the same thing as your previous job. It’s a completely new look for you but hopefully one that will satisfy your sense of adventure.

You Lose Sight of the Outside World

When you spend so much time with one organization, you lose sight of what’s happening in the world around you. Losing touch with the outside world means that you’re too focused on what’s happening internally—who’s getting the promotion, what your next goals are, and who’s the new boss. You fail to update yourself about the changes in the industry. You fall back to your comfort zone repeatedly. As a result, you fail to hone your skills.

You Don’t Learn

Staying in one organization means never learning new things. You’ll do the same tasks every day. You’ll work with the same people who are probably aren’t even interested in your skill set. Unless your company is one of those that post a 30-percent annual growth or more, you will be burdened by the same challenges, and you will come with the same solutions every time.

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You Linger and Become Incompetent

When you’re stuck in your comfort zone, you will no longer feel the need to compete with your coworkers. There will be no need to prove yourself and seek better positions in the company. You know you’re good at your job, but you fail to notice that throughout staying with one company and doing the same thing. You’ve lost your edge and stopped learning. As a result, you have become incompetent and unfit to lead.

Gone are the days when changing jobs frequently was frowned upon. Today, changing careers means better compensation and promotions. It gives you a chance to build your credentials, make more money, seek new knowledge, and update your skill set.

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