Ideas for End-of-Life Tributes


Ideas for End-of-Life Tributes

Death in the past only formed the subject of only hushed conversations. Nowadays, however, people are taking another look at death. To this end, most are planning for their funerals. This way, the financial burden of planning a funeral is lessened for their loved ones, and they get their wishes met. One primary element people struggle with when planning a funeral is the tribute service. There are somewhat fuzzy terms on what constitutes a service designed to honor the life of someone who has passed on.

Whether you settle for cremation or a traditional burial, a Clearfield-based provider that offers mortuary and pre-planning service is a vital element of your plan. There are several tribute services you can choose from for your funeral from the packages the company offers. Here are tidbits to help you understand your alternatives.


The wake denotes a traditional catholic ceremony with roots in the Celtic traditions practiced in Ireland. Here, your family and close friends will keep vigil through the night to protect the deceased from evil spirits. The modern catholic wake includes a short ceremony where the priest will recite some scriptures and the rosary. This explains why wakes are at times called rosaries. Wakes are nowadays often held in funeral homes and take place some days before the funeral or even the day before one. Alternatively, you can schedule your wake on the same day as the funeral.


This is a gathering of your family and friends where people will pay their respects. The viewing is mostly a more relaxed event compared to the funeral and gives mourners the chance to share their sorrow, say their goodbyes on a basic level, and support each other. More often than not, the viewing will take place on the day before a funeral though it can happen on the same day as the funeral. The body, in this case, is displayed for some hours, and people come and go as they wish to pay their respects.

Funeral Service

This service is intended to celebrate a deceased when his/her body is present. Unlike the other types of tributes, a funeral service often involves a burial or cremation. The funeral service will take place at a worship location like the church or funeral home. It can take place at any time before the burial or cremation.

Memorial Service

Flaming candles at the funeral ceremony indoor

This is meant to memorialize the life of the deceased even without their body present. The deceased, in this case, will have been cremated or buried before the service. The cremated remains can be part of the service, but in most cases, only a photo of the deceased is included. Memorial services are generally the most laid back among tributes and allow your loved ones to include the elements they would want to remember you by.

Irrespective of the tribute you pick from the above for your end-of-life celebration, it is essential to work with a company that guarantees it will run smoothly. Any hitches in your tribute service will, after all, leave your loved ones stressed and running around to rectify the mistakes. To this end, pick a knowledgeable and seasoned funeral pre-planning agency.

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