How Your Lawns Can Help Fight Off Climate Change


How Your Lawns Can Help Fight Off Climate Change

Today, more people are aware of the carbon footprints that they leave behind. Although their intentions are great, the best way that they can help is by reexamining the things that they have in their backyards.

Curbed says that lawns cover 2% of the entire land mass in the continental United States. It is three times the area of the whole country’s corn fields. That’s why it’s the most fitting metaphor for how Americans use their land as homeowners in an age when climate change is looming around the corner.

But with the recent droughts, the concept of using lawns for growing crops is becoming a trend. Although most people still judge their neighbors for their yards, people are now more environmentally aware.

How You Can Use Your Homes to Fight Climate Change

home's lawn planted with trees and flowers

People have more lands in their yards than in other public areas across the country. So, the way we treat our lawns says a lot about how we steward our environment. Keep in mind that your yards are a useful tool in fighting climate change. It can even help cool cities and conquer the urban heat island effect.

Using a gas-powered mower may be a minor setback for the battle against climate change. But it doesn’t defeat the fact that small plots of land can do wonders to stop such a formidable enemy.

As an eco-warrior, you can do more than get a sprinkler repair in Sandy. You can use your lawn to plant more native plants to support the local biodiversity.

The Battle Against Climate Change Is Becoming a Struggle

Start-up companies that are hoping to fight climate change are struggling. They’re having trouble trying to get the funds to complete their project. That’s because people are still going for the easy money.  Instead of thinking about their responsibility to the environment, they’re only after the money.

The New York Times says that it’s easier to raise money for a software company than start-up companies that aim to solve climate change. The lack of investments in carbon-removal start-ups makes the people doubt their projects. They’re starting to feel demotivated about it. Even worse, they are losing sight of what’s important.  Although solar power is gaining popularity, other clean-tech funds are expected to fail.

Effects of Climate Change According to NASA

Global climate change is a massive problem looming over everyone for the past couple of years. Glaciers have started to shrink while plants and animals are now displaying various changes in their behavior.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that the damage of climate change is likely to grow if left untreated over time.

Temperatures will continue to rise and the frost-free season will lengthen. People will experience more droughts in the coming years. There will also be more intense heat waves across the globe while hurricanes will become stronger. If we don’t do our part, things will only get worse. Using all the resources that you have is a huge step to help protect the environment and everyone in it.

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