How to Select the Most Luxurious Sheets for Golden Slumbers


How to Select the Most Luxurious Sheets for Golden Slumbers

The most luxurious and cozy mattress money can buy won’t guarantee golden slumbers if you have subpar sheets. While pattern and color can set the mood in your bedroom, it’s fabric and feel of your sheets that could make the difference between so-so sleep and deep, restorative slumber.

With this in mind, here’s a rundown on the most luxurious options so you’ll be better equipped to select the sheet of your dreams.

Trusty Cotton

Cotton is the most popular and widely used fabric for sheets. What’s not to love? It’s breathable, cool, soft, easy to care for, absorbent, and come in many different price points. Likewise, superior quality cotton sheets can last up to five years with proper care, before you see signs of wear.

But if you’re looking for the most sumptuous cotton option, nothing beats Egyptian cotton. When shopping around for Egyptian cotton, make sure to go with 100% Egyptian cotton. Otherwise, blended Egyptian cotton sheets will have shorter cotton staples instead of 100% long Egyptian cotton staples.

While there’s no difference visually, you will feel the difference upon use and might even pill or fur.

Smooth as Silk

The lavish feel and superior absorbency of silk come with a price and demanding care requirements if you want it to last as long as possible. Care requirements include washing by hand (at least at first) and then delicate spin cycles inside a sturdy laundry bag.

Do this along with a mild liquid detergent or specially formulated detergent for silk fabric, and absolutely no rubbing, brighteners, and enzymes. You will also need to air-dry it indoors instead of in the dryer. But if you’re up for the challenge, make sure to buy only pure silk sheets and not polyester sheets that look like silk and has a silky finish.

Give Bamboo a Try

Bamboo bed sheets are among the top eco-friendly options for those consciously striving to live a greener life. They’re warm during the cold season and cool during the hot season, feel silky soft, and can wick moisture away from your body.

When shopping around, opt for preshrunk bamboo sheets for the best quality. When washing, use low temperature or cold water only.

Gotta Love Linen

white bed linen sheets

In Europe, pure linen sheets are usually passed down from family to family as precious heirlooms because, with proper care, they can literally last for decades. At first, linen sheets may feel somewhat coarse but will reveal its buttery texture and softness after a couple of washings.

Linen is likewise very cool on the skin and highly absorbent. If you like that picture-perfect rumpled sheets look, linen is the way to go. It is however immensely pricey, think $400 or more for a queen set. It is really that expensive.

So if you gave the means to buy linen sheets, just make sure to buy heavier ones because thread count doesn’t really matter with linen sheets.

We literally spend most of their time hanging out in our beds, whether awake or asleep, so it just makes perfect sense that our sheets are as comfortable and plush as your budget will allow. To make the hunt for the perfect sheets easier on you, refer to the tips above to ensure that you’ll be guaranteed restful slumber every single night.

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