How to Make that First Date a First Rate Meet-up


How to Make that First Date a First Rate Meet-up

Single women and men want to attract people they find attractive. But how will they do it? They could use a dating app, join a dating agency or ask a professional matchmaker in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York to help them find their perfect match. These professionals will include dating tips but also to develop a connection with your date. Here are some ways to do it:

Make  a Good Impression

Make the initial impression that is interesting and positive to your partner. Build rapport and develop a genuine interest in what they share about their lives, whether it is their hobbies, occupation, or opinion. Respond positively, and make sure to share something about yourself too.

Attentive Listening

The key to excellent communication is listening. Most of the time, people listen to give a reply to the other person. It’s better to listen to understand rather than to prepare an answer. Look at the other person and be attentive to their ideas. One way to do this is to visualize what they’re talking about. This will bring clarity and a genuine understanding of their ideas.  This will make the relationship not just about one person, but also about two people who share what they have in mind.

Be Honest

Too many people want honesty, but very few understand which things they should tell their date and which ones they should reveal at a later time. You can be honest about your profession, family life, and even your past relationships, but make sure that you do not reveal things that might make your date an unhappy meeting. Remember, it’s a date, not a meeting with your psychotherapist.

Body Language

People also express themselves unconsciously through their actions, and most of the time, it gives an honest reflection of how they feel. Eye contact can be seen as interest while evading the other person’s gaze could be shyness or disinterest. Try not to cross your arms or look away when your date is talking. All of this expresses disagreement and cause resentment.

Find Common Interests

It’s always best to share ideas and talk about things that interest you both. If you love certain types of movies, music or hobbies, focus on that and discuss the things you both like. Sharing your opinions and ideas could be the gateway to a true connection, if not friendship.

Don’t Pressure Yourself

Romantic dinner
Dates are meant to be fun, romantic and expansive. Even if you find the other person is not suitable as a romantic interest, you could always remain friends and talk about your shared interests from time to time. Too many times people force themselves into couplehood because they feel their date is “the one”. But make sure that the other person feels the same, and if not, you could always have a friend.

Finding true love in today’s busy world can be difficult; but there are tools such as apps, online sites and even matchmakers that can help you find companionship, romance and even marriage. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you’re sure to expand your social network and friendships.

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