How To Have Safe Outdoor Fun During The Pandemic


How To Have Safe Outdoor Fun During The Pandemic

Traveling nowadays may be restricted, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the great outdoors. On a scale of 1 to 10 of being risky, camping comes in at a low level of three. Camping is one of the safer outdoor activities that you can enjoy even with the pandemic ravaging the world, with safety precautions, of course.

Camping does not come without risks. Pack your camping and hygiene essentials plus your sunblock and brightening vitamin C serum. Here are some precautions that you can take to make your outdoor fun safe for everyone.

Research about your camp destination.

Choosing the right camping destination matters. You need to select a location that is safe for you and your camping companions. Choose a less popular place and call for reservations. Some camping parks operate at 50% capacity at the moment, so it is vital to make your reservations early. You may also consider choosing local camps instead of going beyond your state border. You can even go camping in the wild or dispersed camping. Dispersed camping involves setting camp on national forests or parks, which are not considered as official campgrounds. Before you do this, check if it is allowed in your chosen location. The main point is, the lesser the campers in your chosen destination, the better.

Go with a small group.

A solo outing is recommended over big group outings. If you are going with family, keep it small, preferably with people you live in the same house with. Going in large groups, especially coming from different households, is riskier for everyone. You wouldn’t have to worry about sharing a tent or an RV with the people that you live with. As long as you don’t expose yourself to other people during the trip, the risk should be minimal. In some places, gatherings of at least ten people are prohibited. Keep it small and private. The lesser, the merrier, and safer you all will be.

Plan your activities and itinerary.

Now is not the time to be spontaneous. Plan your trip to the smallest detail. Place your reservations early. Buy your firewood, ice, food, water, and everything that you need. Avoid making unnecessary stops in convenience stores along the way to lessen your contact with other people. Buy everything online before your big camping trip. Bring food that you can eat while traveling so that you don’t need to drive through a fast-food restaurant. ;

If you need to gas up, use a credit card instead of cash to avoid unnecessary contact. Make sure that your vehicle or RV is in excellent condition and is properly maintained to avoid having troubles along the road.

Bring everything that you need.

If you have an RV, then things will be much easier for you. If not, bring a big tent that will be comfortable for everyone. Do not forget your sleeping bags, flashlights, first-aid kit, vitamins, sunscreen, bug repellant, and clothes. Bring your basic skincare needs, such as soap or wash, moisturizer, and your serums. Being outdoors does not mean you have to neglect yourself and your skincare routine.

Additional essentials include your disinfectant sprays, trusty alcohol, cleaning wipes, and face masks. Bring soap and enough water so you can wash your hands often. If you are camping on grounds with common facilities, do not forget to sanitize them yourselves with alcohol or disinfectant spray. The management may have disinfected them, but it still pays to be extra cautious. If you have an RV, stick with your RV’s facilities.

Avoid group activities.

Avoid mingling with other campers. A simple hi and hello will do but do not linger. Set camp as far as possible from other groups. Now is not the time to be a social butterfly. Avoid activities such as campfire singing and contact sports, especially those that involve other campers. Keep your circle as small and tight as possible.

Female wearing a face mask

Avoid touching your face.

Whenever you are outside, avoid touching your face. Do not forget to wear your face masks. You can use cloth face coverings or bandanas to provide you some level of protection, especially when there are other campers on the grounds.

Keep a small hygiene pack.

Keep a hygiene pack with alcohol and sanitizing wipes that you can take anywhere with you when you go trail hiking. Stash it in a small belt bag where it is within easy reach when you need to clean and sanitize your hands.

Cancel if necessary.

Are you or one of your companions not feeling well lately? If you have been feeling under the weather lately, postpone the trip. If you are feeling apprehensive about taking trips, listen to your gut feeling. You can always do it again next time.

You must also be prepared for sudden shutdowns, in compliance with local restrictions and regulations. Your chosen camping grounds can be closed due to health concerns or disinfection activities.

You can still enjoy the great outdoors while maintaining a safe distance from other people. Follow safety precautions and restrictions. They were created to ensure everyone’s safety.

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