How to Ensure Flawless Makeup on Your Wedding Day


How to Ensure Flawless Makeup on Your Wedding Day

All brides deserve to be pampered and look their very best on their big day—whether you are doing your makeup or having a professional makeup artist in Orem do it for you. But your wedding day isn’t just one day, come to think of it, what with all the planning and all. This means that you need to begin planning as early on as possible, especially when it comes to your makeup look. To make this easier on you, here are some bridal makeup tips that will take you from pre-wedding photos to your vows and reception without worrying that you’ll end up with unflattering candid images.

Aim to Look Like Yourself in The Best Way Possible

Whether you ordinarily wear little to no makeup or love bolder looks, resist the urge to experiment on your big day. The key is to nail down a timeless look that still looks like your usual self, but elevated—rosy and radiant skin, bright and open eyes, and flushed lips.

Prep Your Skin Way in Advance

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If you’re not exactly diligent about skincare—start right now. Having facials regularly will make a massive difference in the texture of your skin and give you a flawless base for your makeup. Three months before your big day, schedule at least three facials each month to help firm up and brighten your complexion. Avoid extractions a month before your wedding to prevent irritation.

Book Your Makeup Artist As Soon As Possible

Speak to different makeup artists to see which one you feel comfortable with. Book six months (or more) ahead and then do a trial run a month before the big day. This way, you’ll feel better knowing how you’ll look during your wedding day.

Have a Plan for Your Nails

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You might be tempted to go with your favorite color, but there’s a vital reason that you may want to stick to fresh neutrals—a bold or bright hue will clash with your gorgeous wedding gown. With that said, opt for softer hues that are sheer instead of chalky. If you have olive or warm undertones, go for warm beige tones. If you have cool to neutral undertones, opt for sheer pinks. If your skin on the darker side, pinks, and beiges will work, but don’t go too light as it might appear gray against your white dress; if you’re wearing white, that is.

Don’t Forget to Bring a Touchup Kit

No matter what your makeup products say, you can’t expect your makeup to last and look flawless for more than four hours. So make sure to pack a kit for touchups. And because you’ll probably be with your man for the bulk of the day, keep a lip gloss and some oil blotting sheets in his pocket handy.

So whether you have been preparing for your special bridal makeup look ever since you put that engagement ring on your finger or are clueless on how to start, refer to the tips mentioned above so you can pin down all the details and not have to worry about on your wedding day.

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