How to Adjust Your Wedding Plans During the Pandemic


How to Adjust Your Wedding Plans During the Pandemic

One of the best news right now is that companies are on the verge of a breakthrough for a highly-effective COVID-19 vaccine. But it’ll still take months before it’s approved for people. If you have your wedding date set for late 2020, or even the first half of 2021, you may have to make some adjustments.

The US has more than 13 million cases of COVID-19, with 100,000 cases being confirmed every day. This disease has symptoms that range from a mild fever to respiratory failure. Some experts even report organ complications for people who have recovered from it. What’s worse is that it’s a respiratory virus, which means that it can easily spread through droplets when an infected person does so much as talk. This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommend that people avoid mass gatherings, like weddings.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is a nightmare, so how can you navigate through it?

Consider Postponing

Postponing your wedding is easier to do the earlier you do it. This way, your guests can set their expectations. You also save your vendors from doing unnecessary work for a cancelled wedding date. If you have a wedding planner hired, contact them immediately and discuss the matter with them. Decide whether you’ll postpone your wedding indefinitely or you’re just rescheduling. They’ll contact the rest of the vendors and arrange refunds or reschedules.

If you’re planning your wedding yourself, you need to get in touch with your vendors immediately. Start with the venue, especially if you’re planning on rescheduling. This way, you can get first dibs on the future date you prefer. Once you’ve got the hardest part — the venue — sorted out, you can then move on to talking with the rest of your vendors.

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Get Tasks Done, but With Social Distancing

While you may have to postpone your main event, you can still get wedding-related tasks cleared out during the pandemic. For example, you can get your prenuptial photo and video shoot done. There won’t be a lot of people outside your household involved in the process. It’s a plus if your photoshoot venue is outside, too, as it decreases the chances of inhaling COVID-infected droplets.

Contact the company you got your wedding videography bundle from and talk about having a socially-distanced photoshoot. You could also work with your graphic designers through Zoom or Skype to finalize your invitation designs and other deliverables. The more you can get done while maintaining social distancing, the better.

Inform and Help Your Guests

Once you’ve decided to postpone or cancel your event, inform your guests immediately using the same medium you used for your RSVP. This way, they can clear up their schedules for your new date. If you have guests who reserved accommodations for your big day, offer to help them with their refunds. Given the situation, your guests will definitely understand your decision.

Planning a wedding can be frustrating during the pandemic, especially if your big day is just months, or even weeks, away. However, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Use these suggestions to meet your wedding plans.


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