How Much Should You Be Spending on Moisturizer?


How Much Should You Be Spending on Moisturizer?

Many women are discussing whether an expensive skin care moisturizer has the upper hand regarding effectivity. A number of women shared their experiences with the products they used, and you can conclude that they have a favorite brand and similar views in terms of pricing.

On the other end of the spectrum are skincare experts who appear to have an opposing view on the moisturizer price aspect. Read on and find the truth behind these claims. Your skin will thank you for doing so.

What Some Women Say

Some women share their stories about certain types or brands of moisturizer and are skeptical about the more expensive brand cost around £47. Other women say they tried the £47 moisturizer and concluded that it was worth it. Some others are also giving a favorite brand of their own. These products are cheaper than the £47 one but cheaper that other moisturizers on the market.

There were those who pointed out that it may be pricey at the outset, but since these moisturizers last for several months, they are worth the cost. They also tried the more affordable ones, and most concluded that those moisturizers did not do the job. The bottom line of this discussion is that the more expensive variants might work better than the cheaper ones.

What Experts Suggest

On the contrary, experts say spending more than a fiver on a moisturizer is a waste of money. In a documentary on BBC, journalist Cherry Healey compared three moisturizers—one costs £4.29, the other is £18, and the last one costs £20.

She asked the help of 25 volunteers who were grouped and were asked to try the product assigned to them for three weeks. The experiment yielded the following results:

  • The £4.29 and £18 ones are the best for hydration.
  • The most expensive moisturizer did not do much to hydrate the participants’ skin.
  • There were no visible effects on the participants’ skin for any of the moisturizers. The hydration level was gathered by measuring the humectants in the skin.

Several dermatologists seem to agree with the results. An article stated that you don’t need to spend too much on moisturizers. Drugstore brands are enough. They provide the same results as their expensive counterparts. This is particularly true if you are splurging on face serums already.

The Takeaway

Woman putting moisturizing cream

The story, however, doesn’t end there. For individuals with normal skin, drugstore brands may work. But for those who have sensitive and dry skins, the results might be different. These individuals need to stay away from mineral oil, fragrance, and parabens, among other ingredients that may cause irritation and other symptoms.

In other words, if you don’t have sensitive skin, an affordable branded moisturizer will do. Just make sure you are moisturizing your face and body the right way. You also need to choose the variants designed for your skin type. But be prepared to spend more on these products. Remember to consult your dermatologist before using any moisturizer or if skin irritation occurs after using a particular product.

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