How Does Wine Benefit One’s Health?


How Does Wine Benefit One’s Health?

Most people drink wine to unwind after a long day’s work, complement a nice meal, celebrate an occasion, or socialise. But did you know that a glass or two a day can give you health benefits? If you’re thinking of a gift for any occasion, wine can also be a perfect gift. Numerous shops offer wine gift delivery in the UK. Here are some health benefits of wine:

1. Wine helps ward off cancer.

Studies suggest that men who consume four to seven glasses of red wine a week have 52 per cent less risk of having prostate cancer than those who don’t drink wine. The flavonoids and resveratrol in red wine are potent antioxidants that offset the action of the male hormone androgen on the prostate. Experts also say that drinking red wine in moderation lowers the risk of colon cancer by 50 per cent.

Moreover, red grapes are known to inhibit aromatase, the enzyme that activates the cancer cells in the breast. Iron in wine helps boost your immune system, so it protects you from developing any form of cancer.

2. It helps lower the risk of vascular diseases.

Moderate wine drinking keeps the blood vessels healthy, thus promoting proper blood circulation. In addition, studies show that those who have coronary and cerebrovascular diseases experience a stable heartbeat due to the presence of potassium. Moreover, wine intake also lowers the risk of ischemic strokes. However, remember to drink in moderation if you are in your forties and fifties. Excessive drinking may lead to addiction and increase the risk of vascular diseases.

3. It regulates the cholesterol level.

The resveratrol in wine reduces bad cholesterol or LDL, which consequently prevents blood clotting. Likewise, resveratrol increases good cholesterol or HDL. In effect, obstruction in the blood vessels is eliminated. In relation to that, moderate consumption of alcohol can increase your HDL by about 12 per cent.

4. It enhances your memory and overall mental health.

Research shows that those who took resveratrol showed a significant increase in word retention. Their brain works faster in learning and creating new memories and emotions. Several studies revealed that consuming wine could help lower the symptoms of depression. Drinking 15 grams of wine reduces stress and improves one’s mental health. If you’re feeling blue, two to seven glasses of wine a week may help you feel better.

5. It lowers the risk of liver disease.

Modest wine consumption, which is one glass a day, may decrease non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). On the other hand, modest beer drinkers had four times the risk of having NAFLD. The phosphorus in wine regulates the hormones that improve digestion. This helps prevent liver disease. Some studies showed that wine drinkers around the globe have a lower risk of suffering from any kind of liver complication.

6. It promotes long life.

Close up of bottle of wine being poured in a glass

Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that resveratrol stimulates protein that enhances health. In addition, it stimulates the sirtuins that protect the body from diseases that come with age. In places where wines are produced like France and Sardinia, residents live longer. A diet of plant-based food and less animal-based combined with daily drinking of wine promotes longevity.

Indeed, wine can do wonders for your health. It pays to enjoy a few sips each day. Don’t hesitate to have a glass with a friend or by yourself. You’re surely going to reap some benefits.

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