How Branded Merchandise Can Help Make Your Presence Known


How Branded Merchandise Can Help Make Your Presence Known

Giveaways are not only for international companies with money to burn. Now more than ever, small and medium businesses are stepping up by making their brand more visible online and offline through company giveaways.

Branding experts say these small gifts or tokens keep your company at the back of your customers’ minds even when they’re not consciously thinking of buying your product or availing your service. However, when they do, yours is most likely the one they will go to first.

Here are a few suggestions for branded merchandise and where they should be given out.

Employee Rewards and Incentives Program

It begins with the welcome package. Culture-driven companies find ways to make new hires feel at home in a new environment. Branded pens, mugs and notebooks are usually given out on their first day. As time passes by, more items like sweaters, hoodies and water bottles are given out for perfect attendance, goals met and other milestones. Not all companies require their staff to wear uniforms, but some do give them away as an incentive.

Workwear with the business logo printed on them boosts the team’s spirit and makes them feel that they are part of a community. They can wear it on events, exhibits, outreach activities, or when they attend lectures and seminars. It identifies them as members of the team and also helps promote the brand to other people.

Booths, Exhibits and Conventions

Booth with lighting inside the Trade show pavilion

Besides roll-up banners, tarpaulins, and a colourful and creative booth, having branded merchandise to give away helps draw the crowd. If you’re a small car dealership trying to make yourself known, you don’t have to spend thousands on advertising.

Give out ref magnets, thumb drives, or beer bottle openers (it depends on your audience) to people who sign up and leave their names and phone numbers. It’s a small token for helping your lead generation campaign. Your company name, website, and phone number must be prominently displayed on the items, so they can easily find you when they do need a car.

During conventions and events, it’s also customary to give out product samples to the attendees. If you’re in the food and beverage business, make sure that the teams going around the area are wearing shirts or jackets with your brand name on them. The samples must also be packed in sachets or pouches where the brand and name are clearly visible. Make sure there’s a website or email address and phone number for orders.

Gifts to Loyal Customers

It’s important to continue nurturing your relationship with clients, especially those who regularly order or send you referrals. During special occasions, you can send them food or beverage and include one or two branded items.

Again, they don’t have to be extravagant. Simple umbrellas or post-it notepads are practical items that they can use every day. You can also have them made and printed in bulk so that you can save money. Just be sure not to give the same things over and over again.

Customers love receiving freebies and giveaways, no matter how simple and small the items are. If you have the budget though, you can invest in bigger, more expensive items. You can scale up or down depending on your marketing and advertising budget.

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