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Helpful Technology

Part of the process of improving one’s dental alignment is to make a detailed impression of the teeth. One technological solution to this tricky procedure is now available in London: Invisalign iTero. This innovative digital scanning device gives patients a fast and comfortable experience of having their mouth scanned before deciding whether to have braces or aligners. They don’t have to spend any time holding dental putty inside their mouths, and they can see a clear image of the scan almost immediately on a computer screen.

The process of Invisalign iTero in London

When in London, Invisalign iTero can be seen at the practices of many dentists, such as Dr Graham Tinkler. The speed and precision of the device provides benefits for dentist and patient alike. During the scanning process, a small device is placed inside the patient’s mouth. Due to its ingenious construction, this device doesn’t restrict the patient’s breathing or swallowing. Plus, if they need to remove it for any reason, such as to sneeze, the scanning process can simply be paused until the patient is ready to continue.

After the scanning part of Invisalign iTero in London is finished, the patient will be able to see their teeth on the computer screen. Alongside this high-quality 3D image, the dentist can place a simulation of how the patient’s teeth will appear after their clear braces have improved their dental alignment.


Using Invisalign iTero in London means the patient can see an accurate picture of how their smile will look in the future. This gives them an image to bear in mind while their treatment takes place. They will know precisely the intended effects that their clear aligners will eventually achieve. Adding to the overall convenience of contemporary tooth realignment, Invisalign iTero in London will help patients to decide how they’d like their teeth to appear. Making big changes can sometimes be daunting.

Traditional methods of dental impression-forming, such as using putty, can restrict the breathing and leave unpleasant residues in the mouth. The technological advance of the iTero scanner solves these problems, and helps patients to feel reassured about their dental decisions.

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