Help Boost Your Aging Parent’s Self-Esteem in 3 Ways


Help Boost Your Aging Parent’s Self-Esteem in 3 Ways

Many older adults tend to lose their confidence as they age. Many factors can affect this. Oftentimes, changes in appearance as they grow older are to blame. Gray hairs, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even teeth loss, are common confidence-eroding culprits. Some lose their self-esteem after losing independence, while forgetfulness and vulnerability can also make them feel inadequate.

It can be hard for their family and friends to watch such a transition. The good news is, there is always something you can do to help. Give your aging loved ones a boost in confidence with the help of the following.

Take them for a makeover

One of the things that can cause anyone to lose confidence is when they don’t like what they see in the mirror. Use this opportunity to bond with an older loved one who may be feeling this way by giving them or treating them to a makeover. Take them to your favorite hairdresser for a new cut and hair color. A trip to the spa is also a good idea. Better yet, give them a set of new pearly whites; something that a cosmetic dentist in Meridian can easily do for an almost instant confidence fix.

Allow them to make decisions for themselves

Senior woman sitting on her bed in the morning yawning with arms raised in a stretch

Sometimes, we care too much that we try to do everything for our aging loved ones. However, doing this can make them feel inadequate, incompetent, or useless. It is important that you allow them to make their own decisions. So, make sure to ask for their opinions instead of making decisions for them. This does not only pertain to the activities they can engage in but in more sensitive topics such as senior care.

You can help them make decisions by asking specific questions to still make them feel in control. Limit the options you give so as not to overwhelm them. Giving them two to three options is more than enough. Take note that you should provide as much information as you can so they can quickly decide.

Aid in rebuilding confidence after falling

It is no secret that seniors are at risk of falling. If your aging parent experienced a fall, they might lose their balance confidence. This refers to a senior’s confidence in their ability to maintain their balance. Their injuries may heal. However, it can be hard to regain their confidence and eradicate their new fear of falling.

You can help them by being understanding and by validating their emotions. Assist them in staying active as a sedentary lifestyle will only make them weaker and more at risk for falls. A home safety audit may also be necessary to correct fall hazards in their home. You should also consider a rehab center that can help your aging parents regain their strength, stamina, and flexibility. All these can help prevent falls from happening in the future.

These are but three simple but effective ways to consider when helping your senior loved one regain their confidence. It may not be easy road, but it is never impossible to rebuild their self-esteem. Make sure you know the root of the problem first. It is only then can you start making them feel happier and more confident. Know that you and your loved one’s support and understanding is the best thing you can offer.

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