Going On A Date? Here’s The Best Skincare Routine For You


Going On A Date? Here’s The Best Skincare Routine For You

Dates can be exciting and stressful, especially if you meet someone for the first time through a mutual friend or a matchmaking app. Whether it is the awkwardness of the first interaction or getting your signals crossed, a lot can go wrong on a date. The worst part is that you can’t control it. However, there is one thing that you can control – ensuring that your skin looks radiant and flawless.

In this article, we will be providing you with a 7-step skincare routine when going for a date to make sure that you are blemish-free and fresh-faced.

  1. The preparation

This step begins in the shower. As you step into your shower, apply vitamin E oil or a moisture mask to your face. If you are taking a hot shower, it will help the extra moisture penetrate the skin creating a dewy and touchable face. During the shower, you can apply whitening strips to get sparkling, beautiful teeth.

If you are feeling bloated or not fit, you can try taking an Epsom salt bath. Take 2 cups of Epsom salt and add it to your bath. The magnesium present in the salt draws out excess fluid and toxins from the body. Sit in the tub for about ten minutes, and you will notice the difference.

  1. Exfoliation

Next, you need to work on getting a silky and smooth body. Use a gentle scrub and exfoliating gloves for exfoliating your skin. The gloves will ensure that you apply the scrub to every part of your body. Also, the texture revs up your circulation as well as energy. Make sure that you exfoliate your hands and feet. Once you have exfoliated, the dead skin cells will be removed from the skin. Now is the time to shave. Use a moisturizing shave cream and shave from ankle to thigh.

After shaving, you can move on to applying fragrance on yourself. Use a moisturizing, scented body wash. You should use a body wash with the same fragrance as your perfume and body crème to create an unforgettable scent for your date from the matchmaking app. After you have showered, you can apply a scented body crème.

woman applying lotion

  1. Mani/Pedi

Once you get out of the shower and apply your moisturizer, it is time for a mini Mani/Pedi. Start by applying cuticle oil to your nails in your toes as well as your hands. Push back the cuticles, followed by applying a moisturizer. Lastly, choose a shade that suits your dress and mood.

  1. Makeup

You want your makeup to give you the look of fresh skin. Begin the makeup by using an illuminating primer followed by a foundation. The primer will shine through, giving the illusion of glowing skin while creating the perfect base for the rest of your makeup. After the foundation, apply blush on your cheeks. For your eyes, you can go for pale and soft or extra smoky.

  1. Lips

The last step of the skincare routine is the lips. You can use baking soda for exfoliating your lips and create a smooth, soft canvas with a cotton swab. After this, you can either go with a lipstick or a hydrating gloss.

Dating is stressful enough. You don’t need to add dry skin and breakouts to the list of things that could go wrong. With this skincare routine, you will look flawless inside and out throughout the date.

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