Giveaway Ideas to Implement When You Join Trade Shows


Giveaway Ideas to Implement When You Join Trade Shows

Brand activations are a segment of marketing where you will have to engage your audience. This is where you also show the effectiveness and use of your products. While you are at it, you will have to start building your relationships with your prospective customers. If you want to increase your market share and tap other potential markets, you may want to invest in trade shows. Joining trade shows will not just expose you to other segments of the market. It will also allow you to find potential partners and investors, which will help in making your business bigger. But before that happens, you will have to start with leaving a good impression: do it through souvenirs and promotional materials.

Many brands and business take this aspect of trade shows for granted. But you have to remember that you are trying to leave an impression, so you better make sure that your promotional materials are memorable, too. You may have some struggles with this, but do not fret! There are actually some giveaway ideas you may want to execute; now is your time to let your imagination run and get back with new ideas. Below are some of the ideas you may want to keep in mind:

Give away something useful

One way of creating a good impression in terms of souvenirs and swags is through giving away items that your prospective customers can actually use. You may give away branded water bottles, shirts, and promotional stationery. Novelty items, such as finger rings for smartphones and paper clips, are also cute. But do not just give away these items without designing your brand creatively and properly. If you have an advertising or branding agency, you can have them work on the design and themes of your promotional items.

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Give some of your products

If you are doing a brand activation at a trade show, it will be wise to give away some of your products or have the customers experience your service. That way, they will have an idea about the practicality of your products. This is also a good way to attract buyers. If you cannot give away some of your products for free, you may choose to have a game in your booth where your prize will be your products (or some discount vouchers).

Partner with the right supplier

When giving away swags and promotional items, do not just partner with a supplier that offers the cheapest prices. There is a great chance that their items are of low quality. You will have to make sure that the items you will be giving away are only of the highest quality. This is why you should check first the reputations of your suppliers. Get in touch with their previous customers to get more information on their products and services.

Joining a trade show will help you in meeting new people, who could become your customers, business partners, and investors. But to get to work with them, you need to leave a good impression. And one way of doing so is by giving away memorable souvenirs.

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