Getting Better Photos with Your Mobile Phone


Getting Better Photos with Your Mobile Phone

No one can deny the fact that having a phone these days is convenient. Technology has definitely advanced dramatically and now, most of the newest phones can take high-quality photos. However, it still takes good photography skills to take good photos with your phone. You just don’t point and shoot and expect to get the best photo of something. Below, we will talk about how you can take better photos with your phone. If you need professional photos, though, then it would be best to get commercial photographer services instead.

Set the Focus

The first thing that you should do is to set your camera’s focus. Without setting, your photos will most likely be blurred and of course, out of focus. On most phones, all you have to do is simply click on the subject and the camera will automatically focus on it. You might have to do it a couple of times to make sure that the camera is properly focused on the subject, especially if it seems to be a bit small.

Make Use of Negative Space

Most bloggers and photographers make use of the “negative space,” which is usually a large open space. This can either be a large wall or an empty field or sometimes even as big as the sky or body of water. This will help the subject stand out a lot better, especially if you are taking a photo of smaller stuff such as food or other little items.

Try Color Blocking

Old stone house with red wooden shutters and red door

If you want your subject to stand out, then you can try color blocking instead. Color blocking is the practice of turning everything else into grayscale except for the subject. To do this, you need an app for your phone. There are lots of apps that will help you do such, so go ahead and try them. These will help make the subject pop-out, making the photo a lot more vibrant and beautiful.

Don’t Zoom In

You might not have a choice in some situations, but if you want a high-quality photo, then avoid zooming in. If you do, then your photo will turn out to be grainy and pixelated. If you can, try going closer to the subject. This way, you would not have to compromise quality and you would get to take quality photos without it being blurry or grainy.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

It’s a little bit difficult to capture a good photo at night since there’s rarely proper lighting during these times. If you have access to natural lighting, then make sure to make good use of that. Using the flash should be your last resort, as this can make the colors off, making it difficult to focus on your main subject. Play around with the shadows and the silhouette until you get the right angle and lighting.

It’s always a wise idea to hire a professional, especially if we are talking about commercial photos. The higher quality your photos are, the more your potential clients will be drawn into your products and services! Then again, if the photos are just for your social media, there’s nothing wrong on using your mobile and taking the pictures yourself.

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