Fix it Now: How to Deal with a Broken Window


Fix it Now: How to Deal with a Broken Window

Accidents can happen anytime and windows can break at the most unexpected moments. No one wants to have to deal with a broken glass window, but you never know when it can happen so it would always be wise to know what you should do in case it happens.

Below, we will discuss what you should do if your residential windows in Salt Lake City breaks or gets shattered.

Call a Professional ASAP

You’d never want those shards of glass lying around on your floor all day, as it can hurt you or other people inside the house. If you are unsure how you should clean the mess, then it would be best to call a professional to do it for you instead. You can call a glass repair company to clean up the mess for you, as well as start measuring the window to get a replacement for it. Don’t let insects, water, or dust enter your home through that broken window. It would be wise to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Try to Assess

Look at the broken window and see if it has been completely shattered or the glass is just cracked. See the window pane and the surrounding frame and try to assess if the window looks stable or if it might fall anytime soon. Be careful not to touch the window and the materials around it, as you can hurt your hand in the process.

Secure the Area Immediately

broken window

If you have other people inside the house, then inform them about the broken glass right away. They can accidentally hurt themselves by stepping on the broken glass if they have no idea about what just happened, so make sure to let them know as soon as the accident happens. You should also secure the area and cover the broken glass with a piece of cloth. You can also put furniture on top of the broken pieces while waiting for the glass repair company to arrive and fix the window.

Cover the Window

If the glass repair team cannot arrive as soon as you need them to, then make sure to cover your window for the meantime. Again, you would not want insects and other elements entering your home through the broken window, which is why you should cover with something to keep your home secure. If you have a piece of plywood lying around the house, then you can use that to temporarily cover the window. If you don’t have that, then you can use a piece of cloth or even newspaper to cover it up for the meantime.

Clean the Shards of Glass

If the glass is all over the place and you have kids or pets inside the house, then it would be best to get rid of the glass shards as soon as possible. You would not want your pets and/or kids to get hurt, which is why it is a must to sweep the broken glass as soon as the accident happens. Never pick the glass with your bare hands, as you can hurt yourself this way. Instead, you should try to get a broom and a dustpan to get rid of the shards. You should also wear protective shoes while doing so to avoid stepping on the glass.

Do not deal with a broken window if you are unsure how to. Always call a professional in and have them assess the situation so you and your whole family can be safe.

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