Effective Ways to Promote Your Business


Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Digital marketing has been on the rise lately, thanks to the Internet and people’s constant relationship with technology. In fact, experts say that new generations are connected to multiple devices 24/7.
However, online promotion is not the only method to market your products or services. Traditional marketing still works these days. We all know that Generation Y is not the only group who has the buying power. Generation X and the one before them exist as well.

So, how do you reach and make an impact on these age group? Here are some ways:

Custom Promotional Items

Don’t you feel special when you receive a gift, such as a wallet, and see your name engraved in it? It gives you the impression that the wallet is made especially for you.

It’s the same thing with customs promotional items. Run-of-the-mill flyers do not have as much impact as the one made specifically for you or your target market. This method leaves the impression that you took the time to research and care for what your target market really needs.

More than that, you are also doing your business a favor because customized items have other benefits. It increases brand recognition, boosts your popularity, and generates leads.


What does a book have to do with promotion? You might ask. Think about this: What is the first thing you do when you receive a business card? You (pretend to) read it, don’t you?

After reading, what do you do? Do you go home with excitement that someone gave you a business card, so you rush to your room and dial the number printed on it? How many days does it take you to recheck your cardholder and look for the name of the person you just talked to?

On the other hand, books with your name printed on it are hard to forget. It’s also impressive. What is your first impression of writers or authors? Perhaps you think they’re smart or experts. Perhaps it’s our nature to admire someone who has written and published a book.

It is the same feeling when you give your clients a book you wrote personally. The recipient will automatically think that you are an expert in your field or smart enough to have your book published; hence, your credibility shoots up.


Business meeting with client

Word of mouth advertising has been one of the more powerful advertising tools, and in this day and age, nothing has changed—except maybe that this time there’s a thing called “online word of mouth” promotion. How do you make sure your current pool of clients tells others about you? Be good at what you do and they will do the rest.

You haven’t promoted someone’s lousy service, have you? It’s usually the good ones that we do promote. They are the ones we highly recommend to other people. But remember that being competent is not enough. There are other things in the equation, one of which is including value in your business.

Promoting your business these days does not always mean digital marketing, especially if you are targeting an older market. You can start by doing any or all of the things mentioned above.

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