Did You Scare Your Lover Away?


Did You Scare Your Lover Away?

The hardest part of seeing your man walk away might not be the breakup itself, but the many why’s of his drastic decision. Men don’t just leave you with a broken heart but with a puzzle that is difficult to solve. Here are some reasons to help you figure out why your ex ended your relationship:

1. He feels like he had lost the woman he fell in love with

The honeymoon is just a phase of every relationship. As you share longer years in your Utah¬†apartment, the fantasies, filters, and intense romance are intertwined with profound discoveries. It’s not a bad thing to feel relaxed when you are in a committed relationship, but you should not stop maintaining the spark. The physical attraction might not be everything, but it’s an essential factor to keep the butterflies alive.

Men are incredibly visual beings, and they are turned on with the sweet and the beautiful. They love it when you are all prettied up and make an effort to improve your physical appearance. Looking your best through cosmetic enhancements like Botox, a healthy diet, and exercise is one of the powerful magnets of attraction. Your boyfriend wants to keep the excitement of the first days of your dating relationship. So don’t wear sexy lingerie one night and brutally switch to wearing an old T-shirt the next day.

2. You are too needy

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Being extremely needy pushes people away. It can be challenging to stop your self from being too emotionally dependent if you are so in love. When you love a man, you might want him to spend all his free time with you. You always ask for his approval and advice on everything. Being too needy means you need him to sustain your happiness. While it’s ordinary in a relationship to seek intimacy and connection, too much emotional dependence is a significant attraction killer. Everyone needs personal space, and emotional imprisonment is the last thing that your ex wants.

He wants freedom, and he can’t have it with your excessive demands for his attention and time. While you might think that begging or bargaining for his time is an expression of your love, it will scare him away. Men love women who are independent and self-esteemed. Thus, you must find happiness, love, and fulfillment in several areas of your life, not just from your romantic relationship.

Find time to go out with your friends, pack your social calendar, and do your hobbies. It’s best not to act like he is all that you have. Make yourself more appealing and your time more precious by living your life and being responsible for your happiness. When your time is scarce, he will miss you and he will be thrilled to spend more time with you.

Love is not a one-time investment. You have to nurture it every day to make it work. Whether your behavior pushed him to press the “I quit” buzzer or he found someone else, it’s important not to dwell on the pain of separation. Strive to make yourself better so that you are ready the next time the right guy comes along.

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