Did You Know About These Teeth Superstitions?


Did You Know About These Teeth Superstitions?

You would be surprised to learn that there are several superstitions involving teeth. Wherever you go, there would be at least one superstition. These could even make you afraid to go to your dentist whose expertise is wisdom teeth removal in Taylorsville, Utah.

Here are some of them:

  • Do not count your teeth.
  • Do not throw your teeth away. Instead, you could bury your lost tooth, throw it on top of the roof, or store it inside a jar. Then, when you die, have that jar buried with you.
  • If you do not want to feel pain when having a tooth removed, have it pulled out during a waning moon.
  • If your front teeth are large or broad, it means that you are destined to do a lot of travelling.
  • If you get wisdom teeth later than sooner, it means you will live a long life.
  • If you want more good things to happen to your life, you should burn your pulled tooth. It is especially lucky if it is a wisdom tooth.
  • If your front teeth have a large space between them, it means that you will live a long life. It also means that you will grow far away from your childhood home.
  • If your front teeth have a large gap, you are destined to be rich.
  • If you want your baby to develop a beautiful set of teeth, drop the first tooth he or she loses into a rat hole.
  • If you have your first tooth extracted without anesthesia, you could avoid having another decayed tooth if you throw that tooth over your head.
  • Never pick debris from your teeth with a pin because that is bad luck.
  • If you put your pulled tooth under your pillow and sleep on it, good fortune will come to your life.
  • If you place your pulled tooth in a glass tumbler overnight, you will wake up with money in the spot where you put your tooth.
  • Gold tooth can grow from the hole left by your pulled tooth if you keep picking on it with your tongue.
  • Unless you have all your wisdom teeth pulled out, you will never improve your knowledge.
  • If you want your grandmother to encounter good fortune, place your pulled tooth behind her water pitcher overnight.
  • If you had a dream about your teeth falling out, it means that something big is about to happen to your life.
  • If you had a dream where all your teeth fell out, it means that you said something negative to someone, which you deeply regret.
  • Babies who already have teeth when they were born are very luckywisdom tooth illustration

Do You Believe Them or Not?

These are just some of the weird superstitions involving teeth. But these days, most people no longer believe such superstitions. It is amusing to think though that some people back then truly believed in some of them.

The real fact about teeth, however, is that if you do not brush, floss, and keep them clean with mouthwash, they will simply rot. That is the most important thing about teeth and dental health that you should know.

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